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The Olympus VP-10 combines sound
and style. Featuring a pen-like
design, this advanced audio recorder
is equipped with high-sensitivity
stereo microphones for crystal clear
360-degree sound.
A handy business tool for professionals,
the VP-10 is ideal for those who need
to record meetings or dictation. With a
compact, ultra-portable design, the recorder
fits easily into a pocket, making it especially
useful for those who need to record notes
while working on the go.
New for 2017, the Olympus DM-720
voice recorder provides effective
time management for entrepreneurs.
It captures high-quality recordings
whilst also providing time-saving
features to help professionals stay in
control and organised.
The DM-720 features five distinct
recording modes to ensure optimum
recording quality even in noisy
environments. A directional microphone
mode lets users adjust the microphone
range according to their distance from the
speaker. The recorder also automatically
adjusts the microphone to suit recording
environments, from a large conference
auditorium to brainstorming at a local café,
for example.
An automatic voice balancer enhances
every voice, while three highly sensitive
Key features include:
a choice of recording settings optimised
for specific applications (Pocket, Dictation,
Conference or Meeting mode);
Anti-Rustle Filter technology, which
reduces friction noise when the recorder
is in the pocket;
a Voice Balancer that levels out softer
and louder voices, ensuring that
everyone can be heard;
a Low-cut Filter for eliminating
lower frequency noise, such as
air conditioners;
Noise Cancellation to remove
unwanted ambient sounds;
4GB of built-in memory,
enough for 1,620 hours of
A choice of PCM, MP3 or WMA
sound file formats; and
an integrated USB stick for
transferring files to a PC.
Hands-free recording
Olympus VP-10
Editor’s Choice:
Business Info
Efficient transcription
Olympus DM-720
What we liked:
• slim, discreet design
• omni-directional microphones
• anti-rustle technology
• crisp, clear recordings
• built-in memory
What we liked:
• high quality recording
• eliminates background noise
• efficient transcription
• saves time
• available in accessory
– 01732 759725
Editor’s Choice Awards
microphones eliminate background noise
from the audio file.
The recorder includes a number of time-
saving features to help users access relevant
information more quickly and transcribe
more accurately. These include:
Voice Playback to skip non-voice audio
and only play those parts of the file that
contain recorded speech;
individually adjustable playback speed
for fast forwarding or slow playback of
distinct segments;
a skip-and-reverse function for targeted
navigation within the audio file; and
calendar-based search to help users find
and play back previous recordings quickly
and easily.
For even more efficient transcription,
the DM-720 can be combined with an
Olympus AS-2400 transcription kit, offering
dictation management software,
under-the-chin headphones and
a USB foot pedal to keep hands
free for typing. The device is
also available in a bundle with
Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech
recognition software for automatic
speech to text conversion.
The DM-720 has 4GB of internal
memory and a slide-out USB
connector that makes it easy to
transfer voice recordings to a PC.
A Micro SD card slot provides
additional external storage capacity
of up to 32GB.
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