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INNOVATIONS 01732 759725 04 What’s New Better planning Tighter integration between Jira Software and Span Workspace, Nureva’s cloud-based digital canvas for visual collaboration, means that members of agile development teams can now use personal devices and shared displays to add content to a Span canvas and send information created in Span Workspace directly to Jira Software, where it appears with links back to the planning canvas. Team members gain full visibility of everything that is happening and the ability to contribute in real time to every sprint planning session, stand-up meeting and retrospective as if they were together in the same room. Microsoft Azure validation Microsoft has validated multiple Zyxel firewall devices for integration with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform via BGP (Border Gateway Patrol) and VTI (Virtual Tunnel Interface). These include models from the ZyWALL USG, VPN and ATP series running firmware version ZLD v4.32 and above. The ‘one box’ solutions enable businesses to make use of cloud services without having to deploy additional hardware. Celebratory drink To celebrate the official launch of the Skywell ‘atmospheric water generator’, which turns office air into clean drinking water, Sharp Europe has donated £7,500 to ‘charity: water’ to pay for a hand pump to be built by local people in a community in Ethiopia. To date, the drinking water charity has completed 38,113 water projects for 9.6 million people around the world. Easier meetings Lifesize has enhanced its cloud-based video conferencing platform to make it easier for customers to collaborate through video, wherever and however they want. Enhancements include: screen sharing from mobile devices via the Lifesize app; easier (single-click) scheduling and joining of video meetings via Microsoft Outlook or calendar integrations with G Suite and Office 365; and new toggles in the Admin Console that enable administrators to configure different aspects to suit their preferences. conferencing-blog/feature-update- roundup Event management Sign In App has extended the functionality of its iPad-based visitor management system with a free Event Mode that helps customers run events internally and externally. Customers can use it to monitor attendee/visitor numbers; keep track of attendees/visitors; manage guest lists; manage push notifications, policies and NDAs; collect data on visitors (useful at exhibitions); and design and print badges. UK first for PSCo At Midwich’s 10th annual Technology Xposed event on September 11-12 at Ascot Racecourse, trade-only rental and LED distribution business PSCo, part of the Midwich Group, provided the first UK demonstration of The Wall Pro microLED display from Samsung. Building on the success of the Samsung IF Series, the display combines LED HDR technology with cutting-edge micro size colour- enhancing LED chips for an amazingly lifelike experience. For information on Technology Xposed, visit Signature efficiency Adobe is helping small businesses improve document processes with the launch of Adobe Sign for Small Business. When combined with Adobe Scan and Adobe Acrobat, the e-signature application enables small businesses to digitise workflows that rely on signatures, like customer onboarding, contracts and approvals, payments and invoices. Useful features include the ability to take an existing PDF form and automatically convert it to an e-signature-enabled web form; to bulk send forms to multiple recipients, making it easier to manage the process of collecting signatures needed for a group activity; and, thanks to integration with the Braintree PayPal service, to sign and pay for services in a single step. documentcloud