Business Info - issue 146

Editor's Comment 2
What's New: A selection of the best new products for home and office 4
Collaboration: The importance of good audio quality for hybrid working 6
Interview: Why training is the best form of defence against cyber-attacks 6
Property: How coronavirus has affected the commercial property market 10
Workplace: Why local workspaces could be the key to the future of work 12
Management: Fusion teams: what are they and why do they matter? 14
Risk Management: A problem shared is a problem halved 14
Digital Transformation: How to create an adaptable and flexible working culture 16
I couldn't do my job without... Dawn George highlights the five things she couldn't do her job without 16
Review: Is the Surface Duo the shape of smartphones to come? 18
Sustainability: Seven reasons to install an EV charge point on your premises 20
Software: How low code is making app development easy for small businesses 24
App Update: A round-up of interesting new apps 24
Offices: How to ensure a swift and safe return to the office 26
Lighting: The role of UV light in infection control 28
End User Computing: How IGEL is profiting from rising demand for cloud workspaces 30
Data Security: Don't let human error put your data at risk 32
The Month in Numbers: The world of work in numbers 34
Top UK Recommended Suppliers 34