Business Info - issue 146 Telecoms and IP Engineering Solutions for Business since 1988 Innovative • Flexible • Reliable • Supportive • Cost Effective Sales 020 7501 3333 • Partner Services 020 7501 3150 Brown Hare [Lepus europaeus] Broadband connections traverse networks that are unable to offer any certainty of performance, this leads to dips in available bandwidth or disruption to video or voice calls. FTTC Ethernet utilises Ethernet networks – designed for performance and stability and supporting SLA backed Quality of Service (QoS). The ideal connection for a home or small office that relies on high quality connectivity for voice and data. Spitfire Network Services Ltd: Training TechTalks Why Spitfire’s FTTC Ethernet? The Brown Hare is the fastest mammal in the UK and is perfectly adapted for high-speed endurance running. From just £60 per month. FTTC Ethernet - perfectly formed for a professional working environment Free Connection Fast Installation Ethernet Performance SLAs 7 Hour Fix SLA QoS Enabled for Voice Quality