Technology Reseller v65

VIEW FROM THE CHANNEL technologies, and ensuring a seamless balance between employee and client experience. Industry accolades like the Best Place to Work at the European MSP Innovation Awards and winning Corporate Culture of the Year 2023 at the IT Europa Awards validate our efforts, attracting new clients and retaining our talent pool. TR: Could vendors and distributors do more to help you overcome these challenges? And if so, what? CH: Vendors and distributors can provide invaluable support to MSPs like OryxAlign. Aligning commercial structures in monthly consumption billing is crucial, enhancing transaction efficiency; incorporating multitenancy features in platforms simplifies diverse client management, bolstering operational effectiveness; committing more and easy to access marketing development funds (MDF) empowers a provider to promote services effectively, amplifying our market presence. In addition, personal relationships are vital. Recognising MSPs as partners fosters trust, while face-to-face interactions and discussions about future opportunities, sharing industry research and trends strengthen collaborations and partnerships. These efforts cultivate enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships and help to address challenges and nurture growth and innovation. TR: Are customers become more demanding, and if so, in what ways? CH: Never! Yes, customers are become more demanding, and rightfully so. It’s a reflection of our technologically changing world. New employees, especially from younger generations, step into the workforce with a deep tech-savvy understanding. They expect workplaces that resonate with their digital fluency, demanding environments that are not just collaborative and secure but also seamlessly integrated. From entry-level team members to seasoned executives, their expectations are high, pushing us to keep pace with ‘always on’, cutting-edge technologies. We embrace this challenge, promoting a culture of perpetual learning and adaptation within our company. The evolving landscape of customer expectations helps shape our forward direction. TR: If you could change one aspect of your job, what would it be and why? CH: It would probably be finding a better balance between my love for hands-onwork and the increasing strategic CEO responsibilities that come with the growth of our business. Managing my time efficiently has become challenging due to the numerous tasks and responsibilities I handle daily. I’m passionate about delivering service excellence internally and externally and I work shoulder to shoulder with my team. But of course I also recognise the need to focus on strategic objectives to continue to scale OryxAlign, creating further opportunities for our people. It’s a delicate balance that I continue to navigate in my role, reminding me of the importance of enjoying the journey and the human aspect of leadership and growth.