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28 01732 759725 VIEW FROM THE CHANNEL especially in critical infrastructure design and installations in our key data centre, construction and commercial property sectors. Cloud services continue to enjoy steady demand, but the cyber services sector is gaining prominence. We strategically invest in managed cyber platforms, focusing on services like vulnerability management, OT and extended detection and response. We also focus on ever important cyber awareness training and raising the profile of cybersecurity in our client base. Integrating cybersecurity right from a project’s inception is pivotal, not just a budgetary add-on but a fundamental strategy. This ensures holistic and effective security for our clients. TR: What recent wins are you most proud of? CH: I’m super proud of a few recent wins. We’ve successfully secured major opportunities in the US, specifically in cloud and cyber. Employee wellbeing is one of the main priorities at OryxAlign, which is why I’m particularly proud that we secured a 2-star accreditation and two top-three places at the Best Companies Q1 2023 awards. We won second place in the Best Mid-Sized Company to Work for in London, and third place in the Best Business Services Company to Work for in the UK. We were recognised for excelling in three key areas: giving back, wellbeing and personal growth. In the award survey, 89% of our staff agreed with the statement ‘My organisation encourages charitable activities’; 80% agreed with the statement ‘I am happy with the balance between my work and home life’; and 97% agreed with the statement ‘The experience I gain from this job is valuable for my future’. To have been awarded a 2-star accreditation by Best Companies (an outstanding place to work) is a clear demonstration of our commitment to our people and, importantly, their commitment to OryxAlign. TR: Where is business proving most difficult? CH: At OryxAlign, our most significant challenges revolve around talent acquisition. This requires constant attention, especially given the skewed market dynamics, where attracting the right talent at the right price is essential. The demand for skilled professionals has driven costs upward as we focus on scaling our business effectively. That said, we are proud to have a diverse workforce. Currently, 27% of staff are female, and 50% of the Senior Leadership Team are women; 25% of all staff are from ethnic minorities. Additionally, ensuring our technology stack remains current and efficient is a persistent challenge. We retire outdated platforms, consolidate existing ones and incorporate advanced, AI-powered solutions to enhance our service offerings. TR: How have you changed/are you changing business operations to exploit new opportunities? CH: We are proactively shaping our operations to seize new opportunities. One way we identify these opportunities is by asking questions. For example, we conducted a national survey of IT department heads to ask what new or improved service they would like MSPs to provide. The top answer was an improved support desk, which got 39% of the vote. In second place was cyber security staff training at 29%. We recently launched a new client services portal (oasys) which provides our clients with seamless access to essential information, self-service capabilities and a transparent view of their IT environment. It also includes an extensive and integrated e-learning platform to help improve productivity and awareness within our client base. Staying current with technological advancements is key, prompting regular updates to align with evolving client needs. We streamline processes, ensuring efficiency and user-friendliness for employees and clients. Our focus remains on continuous improvement, enhancing services to stay competitive in the ever changing tech landscape. TR: What do you see as the biggest challenges facing channel businesses today? CH: I think our foremost challenge lies in talent acquisition and retention. The competitive market demands vigilance in securing skilled professionals amid rising costs. Concurrently, optimising our tech infrastructure involves retiring outdated platforms, integrating new Established in London in 2006, OryxAlign is a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) known for its committed and proactive IT support, critical infrastructure management and managed cybersecurity services. Its approach, rooted in ITIL practices, emphasises hands-on management and enterprise cybersecurity, ensuring clients’ infrastructure is secure, compliant, highly available and optimised. OryxAlign also provides cloud services, employing experienced solution architects and consultants to facilitate successful business change and transformation projects. Its professional services and consulting teams focus on understanding clients’ needs, advising on suitable technology solutions and investments. Here, Carl Henriksen, Founder & CEO of OryxAlign, gives his view from the channel. Technology Reseller (TR): How’s business? Better or worse than 12 months ago? And how confident are you about the future? Carl Henriksen (CH): We are thriving. This fiscal year has seen remarkable growth in our sales pipelines and we have exceeded our H1 targets, positioning us into the mid-market space. What excites us is the heightened activity in our professional services and consultancy teams, especially in the enterprise networking, cybersecurity and cloud transformation space. TR: In what areas are you experiencing strongest demand? CH: We are flourishing in all our core areas; cloud, cyber and networking. Our enterprise networking division is robust, With Carl Henriksen, Founder & CEO, OryxAlign View from the Channel Carl Henriksen