Technology Reseller v65 25 INTRODUCING TR: How has iQuila’s disruptive technology been received by VARs and MSPs? DS: Resellers that trial the solution typically love it. However, we also encounter reluctance, sometimes because resellers don’t understand the technology and sometimes because they don’t want to be an early adopter of a technology that has broken so many boundaries. Many channel players just want to stick with the status quo, but by doing so they are missing an opportunity to bring new technology into their stack and are doing their customers a disservice. I would urge VARs and MSPs to take an interest in disruptors to keep their offering fresh and to discover new ways to help customers save money and boost efficiency and security. London-based VAR Totality Services signed with us in 2021 and has deployed iQuila in-house to gain first-hand experience and knowledge of the technology. This has helped it greatly when explaining the benefits of the solution to customers and led to a number of successful implementations. TR: Why should MSPs/resellers take a closer look at iQuila? DS: iQuila’s unique features and holistic approach to achieving security and connectivity can give channel partners a real advantage in a competitive market. It is completely scalable from 5 to 50,000 users, has applications across all industries and, with the imminent end of support for PSTN, offers a future-proof alternative to copper MPLS at a fraction of the cost of fibre MPLS. It provides resellers with monthly recurring revenue, great margins, no contract and easy cloud deployment (cloud networks can be deployed in minutes and remove the need for complex SD-WAN/VPN configuration). There is also a cost-effective ISP model. Because the technology requires minimal configuration and is so reliable, support requirements are lower. iQuila adopters typically notice a significant drop in connectivity support queries due to the robust connectivity inherent in the unique way we connect and the technology’s ‘always on’ functionality. TR: How do you plan to extend your market reach in the UK? DS: As well as recruiting new resellers and MSPs to our partner programme, we are looking to form strategic alliances with more vendors and explore co-sell opportunities with their reseller channels. Strategic partnerships are an important route to market for iQuila. We recently entered into one with Cradlepoint, the global leader in clouddelivered LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions, that will see iQuila VEN software integrated with Cradlepoint routers, potentially transforming the way Cradlepoint customers connect and secure mobile and IoT devices. We have additional strategic partnerships in the pipeline and expect those to spark the interest of VARs when they are announced. TR: What other developments can customers and partners look forward to from iQuila in the next 12 months? DS: There’s lots on the horizon, including Connect Layer 2 switches across Microsoft Azure for low latency global hopping, the full integration of iQuila VEN into Cradlepoint Netcloud, and Layer 7 packet filtering within iQuila. We are also working with Cranfield University and NPL London on a timing protocol for autonomous vehicles. To find out more about iQuila and its partner programme, please visit