Technology Reseller v50

Simple. Easy. Wireless From whichever device you want to, in any meeting space With the UC or videoconferencing tool of your choice (e.g Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex by Cisco, BlueJeans....) ClickShare Button • Instantly makes meeting room video and audio streams available to your laptop • Has an additional Quick Button that - brings the big screen back to your device: ‘local view’ - activates power functionalities like ideation, snapshots, control of AV equipment... ClickShare Desktop App • Instantly makes meeting room peripherals available to your laptop • Connects instantly to the meeting room thanks to presence detection from your laptop or mobile device • Advanced set of collaboration features: pause, window selection, extended desktop, ideation. Connecting to any* AV solution in the meeting room for more information contact us at [email protected] Join the next Microsoft Teams call on your agenda with just one click. With either the ClickShare Button or App, you decide which suits you best. In less than 7 seconds you connect wirelessly to the camera and speakers in the room. The same is true for your Zoom, Webex by Cisco or other calls as well. • Connects your device wirelessly to cameras, mics, speakers and soundbars in the room • Involve remote participants more actively • Create higher meeting engagement for all participants • Use the conference tool that you find most productive • No more frictions when hosting conferences from your laptop • No more struggles with meeting room equipment • No cables or additional wires • Unique collaborative features A truly agnostic solution The power of ClickShare Conference lies in the freedom to choose. You decide how you collaborate securely.