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©Northamber 2018 E and O.E. MONTH ‘18 ©Northamber 2020 E and O.E. July ‘20. CONNECTIVITY 01732 759725 38 attack, for example through isolation at a wireless level or inserting another router behind a BT Home Hub; and, for larger organisations, rolling out Nuclias to manage all employees working from home. In addition, D-Link has been producing training videos for the channel and end users showing, for example, how QoS with D-Link routers lets you manage bandwidth from a mobile phone app – you can see who’s connected, how much data people are using, isolate them, turn them off and make sure all your devices have enough bandwidth to do their job. As Routledge says: “Everyone can be a network manager now.” So, what else can resellers and MSPs expect from D-Link in the future? Quite a lot, reveals Routledge. “We will put more meat on the 5G and WiFi 6 bones. There will be more solutions under the Nuclias umbrella. There’s more coming on the industrial networking side, and when I look at development in the UK – large warehouses being constructed that will be controlled by an industrial-type network solution – it’s clear there’s a lot more we can do around that locally. The camera side will continue to develop. I’ve touched on the thermographic camera, and how to manage entry to businesses is an area where we will see more development. I think that will be a very active, very interesting marketplace. Then, there is the whole home networking piece: how can we make it easier for people to work from home and ensure that their business data is absolutely secure.” If you only know D-Link for its routers or its switches or its cameras or its wireless access points or its industrial networking, you are only looking at one link in the chain. The company has much else to discover and take advantage of, whether your market is consumer or B2B. To find out more about becoming a D-Link partner, please visit https://eu.dlink. com/uk/en/partner-login. Pandemic solutions In the meantime, D-Link is continuing to help resellers address the challenges organisations face in doing business during a pandemic, from creating a Covid- secure office to ensuring business-quality connectivity for employees who work from home. It recently introduced an all-in-one fever-screening camera kit for scanning groups of up to 30 people simultaneously at entrances to offices, schools, hospitals, railway stations and other public spaces. The Group Temperature Screening Camera (DCS-9500T) is available from D-Link’s UK distributors Tech Data, Exertis and Ingram Micro. It has also produced a guide to working from home, highlighting how D-Link products can be used to overcome the drawbacks of sharing bandwidth with other members of a household – something Routledge has experienced first-hand. “When I first worked from home and spent time on Zoom calls, I had problems with my Wi-Fi because I was fighting for bandwidth with my children and my wife. Craig configured one of our Nuclias access points, which I plugged into the network access point outside my home office. I’ve now got my own network and don’t have to fight for WiFi anymore. It shows the same SSID I have when I am in the office, the same password when I am in the office, and I haven’t dropped a video call since. I’m no longer fighting for that WiFi signal inside the house. I’m still going out through that BT pipe, but I’m hard wired into the router. “Craig can manage my network; he knows when I am online and when I am not online; when I am downloading and when I am not downloading. He can manage that whole ‘work from home’ experience so that we can all work from home more effectively.” The guide also includes information on using D-Link access points as wireless extenders; using D-Link switching solutions and 4G and 5G connectivity to create a network; protecting oneself from cyber ...continued Resellers most trusted for cybersecurity advice Consultants, resellers and partners are the most important source of information when selecting security suppliers and outsourcing security to a third party, claims Digital Risk Protection specialist Skurio. In a survey of IT and security decision-makers at 300+ UK businesses, advice from resellers and partners was cited by 43% as an important source of insight when researching cyber security solutions, followed by existing security suppliers (40%) and technology media (39%). These sources were all rated more highly than word of mouth recommendations or online sources, such as video sites. The research reveals that more than 50% of UK businesses now make use of outsourced services to manage their cyber security, with 80% of survey respondents worrying that their teams lack the skills and knowledge to monitor risks, threats and breaches outside their network. The research also highlights an appetite for innovation amongst security professionals, with security decision- makers twice as likely as IT professional to work with a disruptive start up cyber security company (31% vs. 16%). Commenting on the findings, Jeremy Hendy, CEO of Skurio, said: “We’re facing exceptional circumstances in terms of working practices and how we need to manage cyber threats, and this is placing massive pressures on businesses of all sizes. We know that the luxury of in-house security teams, on call 24/7 to monitor for external threats, is simply out of reach for many organisations. The research highlights the importance of outsourcing to managed service providers who make cyber security their business.” Jeremy Hendy