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It’s a remarkable stat that 65% of student’s today will go into jobs that currently don’t exist. With this In mind it is imperative that our future workforce are business ready and best equipped to drive our economy forward. That is why Acer, In partnership with Tablet Academy, Royal Air Force and RAF Museums have launched the Acer STEM rewards programme. A reward programme that is designed help train the future workforce, assist schools & colleges, create critical thinkers, increase science literacy and grow the next generation of innovators. EDUCATION PROGRAMMES TravelMate B3 Stimulate student learning with the TravelMate B3’s high performing, ultra-durable design. Featuring a long battery life, mechanically anchored keys, and blazing fast connection speeds, empower students to get even more out of their classes. Children are simply accident prone these-days. The TravelMate B3 Is built to survive any school day, the device is incredibly robust and has a system in the keyboard that prevents damage from liquid spills, so it can withstand lockers, lunch rooms, backpacks and buses. Its durability is exemplified as it has been tested under U.S MIL standards. Fujitsu education technology solutions prepare students for the new digital age. A new world is emerging, one where digitalisation is rapidly changing how we interact, learn, work and live. Within education, digital transformation plays a pivotal role in delivering personalised learning experiences. It empowers students to study anytime, anywhere, and progress at their own pace. Embracing new digital technologies and innovation enables digital to become part of education’s DNA. DESKTOPS Designed for users demanding more graphics performance, Fujitsu has upgraded two CELSIUS desktop workstations to the 10th generation Intel processors. The new small form factor system, CELSIUS J5010 with 8.3-liter housing, is 17% smaller than the previous generation yet can accommodate full-height graphics cards, up to the NVIDIA Quadro P2200. This powerful and whisper quiet workstation is ideal when educating yourself in Computer Aided Design (CAD) as well as for use in design, visualization, multimedia and manufacturing. Fujitsu CELSIUS J5010 Speak to an expert Basingstoke 01256 707 070 Burnley 01282 776 776