Print.IT Reseller - issue 57

Editor's Comment 2
Bulletin: What's new in printers and printing 4
MSPs: Security presents MSPs with an opportunity to capture new business 16
Focus on Print: A round-up of recent product launches 18
Conference: Integra encourages members to innovate for growth 22
Cover Story: Best-in-class business scanners from Epson 26
Company Profile: Tecserv sets superior standards of service 28
Services: IBC Group launches Smart Asset Maps 32
VOX POP: This month's panel debates the importance of diversification and why the ability to provide 'services beyond MPS' is central to future growth 34
Hot Topic: Does the traditional OEM rebate model based on unit sales need to change? 40
View from the Channel: Stuart Kershaw, Regional Sales Manager, Altodigital 48
60 seconds with... Glen Constable, Managing Director, Parsia Managed Supplies Services 50
PITR: Top Distributors and Manufacturers 50