Print.IT Reseller - issue 110

COVER STORY 01732 759725 28 Companies are striving to remove infrastructure faster than ever before. According to Gartner, three-quarters of organisations will adopt a digital transformation model built in the cloud by 2026 Print management is moving to the cloud at pace environment, providing admins with a bird’s-eye view of all printer objects, drivers, and users across distributed office locations. Why channel resellers should adopt a cloud-first strategy There are, says Tim, many reasons why channel resellers should be looking to adopt a cloud-first strategy. “First and foremost, print places an unnecessary burden on IT teams. Gartner estimates that print-related helpdesk tickets account for 40 per cent of an IT team’s workload.” Vasion surveyed 520 public sector organisations in the UK to find out more about how print is managed across various departments and multiple locations. The results revealed a disconnect in how print is perceived. 32 per cent of senior managers and the C-Suite said that print-related issues were resolved in less than five minutes; compared to 62 per cent of end-users who stipulated that it takes IT more than an hour to find a fix. Moreover, almost half of end-user respondents stated that they raised a helpdesk support request for print, more than once a month. “For resellers offering helpdesk support, that’s an additional cost, and in the case where a customer’s internal IT team is spending too much time dealing with print, that can lead to customer dissatisfaction. With PrinterLogic, customers typically see a 95 per cent reduction in print-related helpdesk calls,” Tim said. “Secondly, one of the biggest issues cited by customers is the cost of running print servers, an issue that’s even more pertinent now in light of the ongoing energy crisis. In addition to licensing fees, the labour cost of managing print servers can be extremely expensive too, because they must be maintained at every location. PrinterLogic enables organisations to remove the burden of managing, maintaining and licensing on-premise print servers, and enjoy all of the benefits of a serverless printing infrastructure. “Over and above the cost savings around infrastructure, with PrinterLogic’s serverless solution, it’s also possible to further improve the bottom line with features such as the ability to set print quotas to make budgeting easier, or applying rules such as forced duplex or black-and-white-only printing across the business to cut down on additional expenses,” he added. Minimise risk Minimising risk is another strong reason to migrate customers’ print infrastructure to the cloud. “An organisation’s attack surface gets larger with every print server added to the network,” Tim explained, adding: “Constantly having to manually patch, update and secure multiple servers to protect from and mitigate vulnerabilities Tim Muckart. Director, Channel Sales EMEA & APAC at Vasion, argues that SaaS print management plays a vital role in any organisation’s digital transformation and that moving from on-premise, physical resources to cloud-based solutions is critical to any digital workplace transformation. Implementing a serverless printing infrastructure means eliminating expensive to install, maintain, upgrade, and replace, print servers and instead utilise a cloud-based solution to manage, track and deploy printers. With its cloud-native print management product PrinterLogic, Vasion is well-positioned to help channel partners to transform how their customers manage print. PrinterLogic replaces on-premise print servers (and the associated cost) with a serverless, direct IP printing solution, and implementation is quick and easy, too. Along with eliminating print servers, serverless printing helps IT teams centralise the print Tim Muckart