Print.IT Reseller - issue 110

COVER STORY 51 PRINTITRESELLER.UK 29 maps enables end-users to easily identify and install nearby printers. Based on the deployment profiles from IT, only authorised printers will be displayed to users when they look at the map, even if other printers are in the vicinity. Installed on end-users’ desktops, the desktop client acts as the communication liaison between the workstation or virtual client and the admin console. It automatically installs select printers on the user’s device and captures usage data that includes user, IP address and operating system. Manage the unmanaged Just under half (45 per cent) of respondents to Vasion’s research said that their entire print infrastructure was provided under a managed print services (MPS) agreement. However, the majority of organisations owned a varying number of print devices that fell outside of the MPS contract – in fact 39 per cent of those polled said that up to 75 per cent of the printers in their organisation were standalone unmanaged devices. “Self-managed printing environments are full of pain points for IT teams and end-users alike. Onpremise print servers are energy- and cost-intensive to run and maintain. Providing end-users with access to printers often involves complicated scripting and GPOs; it’s well documented that high numbers of print-related IT support tickets place added pressure onto over-stretched IT resources; and in many cases, print failure is not a quick or simple fix, resulting in disgruntled end-users,” Tim said. Managing the unmanaged “In today’s hybrid working environment, employees work across several locations, including home, and we have seen an uptick in the number of standalone printers that are being used every day. Our research found that up to 75 per cent of the printers in a customer’s organisations could potentially be unmanaged – and for resellers that’s leaving money on the table,” Tim warns. “It’s fair to say that while MPS has long been the de-facto to effectively manage on-premise print infrastructures, in today’s remote and hybrid working model, it doesn’t always make sense for every printing device – but what’s the best alternative? “Enter the cloud – what PrinterLogic’s cloud-native serverless print management solution does is enable seamless driver deployment for large volumes of printing devices that exist outside of the MPS contract. For example, PrinterLogic manages 11,500 print queues across 2,500 retail stores worldwide for a large retail customer whose 80-strong head office printer fleet falls under a managed print service. “We are passionate about reducing IT infrastructure and are on a quest to eliminate all print servers. Over the past ten years we have developed our serverless print management product, PrinterLogic, which is now a true cloud SaaS market leader. For resellers still on the fence about cloud print management, I’d urge you to get on board now,” he concluded. like the Windows Print Nightmare, adds even more to the IT workload. By moving to serverless printing, organisations can reduce risk and be protected from any future issues that are discovered.” The PrinterLogic cloud-native platform is a true software-as-aservice (SaaS) printing solution – that doesn’t require VPN connections and integrations with leading identity providers (IdPs) keeps things secure and enables printing from remote or new locations. Features such as secure release printing keeps information secure by ensuring that documents are not printed until the person is there to pick them up. Plus, direct-IP printing means print jobs never leave the customer’s network. AWS Digital Workplace Competency PrinterLogic has also achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Digital Workplace Competency status, recognising its deep experience helping customers build a digital workplace on AWS to free endusers from the pains of print servers and costly print management and infrastructure, allowing them to print securely on any device, from anywhere, at any time. The AWS Digital Workplace Competency helps customers find highly specialised AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners offering solutions on AWS that help them effectively support remote workers and business continuity with end-to-end digital workplace in the cloud. APN Technology Partners achieving AWS Competency provide features that help reduce security risks and meet compliance requirements while allowing customers to effectively support remote workers and implement business continuity plans. Central management PrinterLogic provides IT staff with an interface for defining all printers including label and POS devices across all locations. It supports native print drivers for all printer makes and models which delivers full functionality of the devices’ feature set, profile settings and deployment options. Settings are configured in profiles and instantly passed down to the endpoint when they are installed. A web-based tool with floorplan PrintIT Awards PrinterLogic scooped the Cloud Print Management Solution of the Year award at the 2022 PrintIT Awards and is proud to be shortlisted in the 2023 edition.