Print.IT Reseller - issue 110

51 PRINTITRESELLER.UK 27 WHAT'S NEW Managed cloud service International POS hardware solutions provider Star Micronics has announced the live launch of its managed cloud service, StarPrinter.Online, which allows businesses to print directly from a web server, web page, web client app/PWA, native app or even via email, as well as benefit from device management of the entire POS printer estate. StarPrinter.Online is available on Star’s range of CloudPRNT printers. The service allows the receipt, label or order printer to be connected to the online ordering system within minutes. With no restrictions imposed by cabling and local networks, or limited Bluetooth ranges, StarPrinter.Online provides businesses worldwide with a central point to receive and manage orders anywhere with internet access from customers using any kind of device in any location. For enhanced online visibility of connectivity and print jobs over an entire printer estate, the service offers device management via an online dashboard. This provides businesses with an overview of all devices and activity including reliable tracking of print jobs with notification of device status changes, barcode scans, new device connections to a group, etc. Additional printers and peripherals can simply be added without the need for server upgrades, further enhancing the versatility of the service. DocuWare enables optimal purchase-to-pay process With the release of its latest software version 7.9, DocuWare is looking to help companies make the purchase-to-pay process efficient and transparent, reducing errors and costs through standardised procedures and automation. “With version 7.9, even companies with a smaller volume of documents are able to benefit from an automated purchase-to-pay process. Thanks to simple configuration and new predefined functions, both the effort and the costs are significantly lower than before, which means that the investment will pay for itself within just a few months,” said DocuWare President Max Ertl. New print engine To meet the growing demand for accurate, high speed and easy to use industrial labelling systems, TSC Printronix Auto ID has launched a popular-sized 4-inch version of its PEX2000 Series print engine. The 4-inch PEX-2000 has been carefully considered for both system integrators and users. Its compact full-metal chassis is 14% smaller at the rear than its mainstream peers and the device can easily be integrated into just about any automatic labelling system supporting DB15 and DB 25 connectors. Its adjustable peel-off module gives systems integrators greater design flexibility by setting label feed-out to their preferred angle (-3º to -18º). The PEX-2000 offers 55mm wide media handling space for simpler installation or parts changes, and a quick release mechanism for printhead and roller change. TSC Printronix Auto ID offers value-added software tools like SOTI Connect and TSC Console to enable system integrators and/or end customers to manage and monitor their print engines through the internet or intranet, depending on users‘ needs. Both tools enable quick deployment, configuration, and updates from any location. Large-format printing Canon has expanded its range of largeformat printers with the launch of the imagePROGRAF TM series of A0+ and A1+ printers. The portfolio incorporates five models – the TM-355, TM-350 and TM-340 for A0+ prints and the TM-255 and TM-240 for A1+ output – all featuring a newly formulated, vibrant magenta ink. The range is designed to meet diverse printing needs, from CAD construction and design drawings to retail and restaurant posters and school classroom displays. The refined body design and small footprint ensures they fit within virtually any office or retail space, even when combined with the optional large-format scanner. The imagePROGRAF TM series features a newly developed L-COA PRO II image processing engine, which enables quick start-up. The TM-355/350 offers top printing speeds of up to 3.2 pages per minute, about 28% faster than previous models, ensuring greater productivity for time-critical prints. The TM series printers are supplied with Direct Print Plus software which means multiple files in different formats can be ordered to print in a batch with a simple drag-and-drop operation, helping users to print all types of drawing efficiently. Major flex appeal HP has launched a new 3-in-1 device with a foldable screen that seamlessly integrates the best features of a laptop, tablet and desktop for the ultimate hybrid experience. The Spectre Fold easily transitions between the three distinct form factors for a frictionless user experience. Users can effortlessly switch from a traditional laptop to a slim tablet with a continuous 17-inch screen, then to a powerful desktop with a sleek built-in kickstand. This is made possible with a foldable panel and integrated hinge, designed for durability and tested with the same requirements as traditional HP laptops. The device includes built-in AI for security, wellness, and gesture controls. An advanced AI chip adapts to the user’s needs, delivering a tailored computing experience with features such as walk away lock, wake on approach, auto screen dimming, and privacy alerts. Screen time and distance reminders, along with touchfree content control, help users focus on well-being. The Spectre Fold reflects HP’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable innovation with eco-friendly materials incorporated into its design. The cover and keyboard frame contain up to 90% post-industrial recycled (PIR) metal. The keyboard module wrap contains recycled polyester fibre, and both the bezel and keyboard keycaps contain 50% PCR plastic.