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01732 759725 42 WORKPLACE I couldn’t do my job without... My team and colleagues My team and colleagues are fundamental to my success, and fostering an environment of collaboration, shared goals and mutual support is imperative. The vision communicated from the Veritas leadership team provides the necessary guidance to steer our efforts in the right direction, with Veritas partners playing a pivotal role in amplifying our combined strengths and expanding the horizon of possibilities. At the heart of it all lies a collective passion for creating innovation and tackling challenges head-on, ensuring that when we succeed, we do so together as one team. Technology Modern technology plays an indispensable role in enhancing my productivity. Microsoft Teams aids daily collaboration with my team, no matter where everyone is based. Given my international remit, it is especially important that I can seamlessly interact with colleagues, partners and clients across different regions. My iPad and Apple Pencil are my digital companions, simplifying notetaking and organisation. Another small yet cherished contributor to my efficiency is my Siemens coffee machine, which keeps me fuelled for the tasks ahead. Passion Passion for my work is what drives me, and I couldn’t excel without it. As the leader of my team, I find immense satisfaction in helping others grow and thrive. Equally vital is ensuring we celebrate every success, big or small, as it fuels motivation among my team and keeps me inspired. Travel is an integral part of my professional life, providing me with the fresh perspectives of colleagues, partners and clients across the country and overseas. Finally, creating business value reminds me that every effort contributes to a larger purpose. These elements together form the core of my professional journey, making every day a meaningful step towards accomplishment. Recharging my batteries Above all, I couldn’t do my job without taking time to recharge and spend quality time with my family, who are the inspiration and motivation for everything I do. Cooking helps me unwind and indulge my culinary passions, while playing golf and tennis provides the perfect balance of physical activity and mental relaxation. Watching my family compete in athletics fills me with pride – all five of us have represented England, and my wife Diana is a World Record holder for the track-and-field pentathlon. For intellectual nourishment, I set aside time to read Mindset by Carol Dweck, which serves as a very important reminder of the power of perspective in my journey to success. As Vice President of Channel & Alliances, EMEAI at secure multi-cloud data management leader Veritas Technologies, Oliver Norman is responsible for developing and executing the company’s growth-oriented channel strategy. Here, he highlights six things he couldn’t do his job without Energising morning rituals Setting the tone for productivity, I kickstart my day at 6am with an invigorating 6km run. This not only gives me a much-needed energy boost but also provides me with a valuable opportunity to contemplate the day ahead. Following my run, I tuck into a hearty bowl of porridge accompanied by a revitalising cup of coffee to ensure I’m alert and ready for the day ahead. A personalised workspace Maximising productivity is essential to my daily routine, and several key factors make it all possible. An office with a view inspires me and fuels my creative thinking. A standing desk keeps me alert and energised, ensuring I’m engaged and focused throughout the day. And finally, the invaluable support of my executive assistant is a game-changer, helping me streamline priorities and manage my time effectively. Oliver Norman