Technology Reseller v50

Article TiTLE 23 AD highlights another selling point of the 14in rugged Windows 11 PC – its impressive security features. These range from the Toughbook 40’s Microsoft Windows 11 Secure Core PC, with secure operating system and secure BIOS, to the option of customisation in Panasonic’s Cardiff factory to meet military security and communication standards. Security is enhanced by the Toughbook 40’s military-standard, IP66-rated, dustproof, waterproof design, which helps keep data accessible and safe. This provides all the ruggedness and resilience you could hope for in a mission-critical, all-weather, all-terrain mobile PC, including a magnesium alloy casing that’s 20 times stronger than plastic, a working temperature range of -29 to +63 degrees, an integrated carrying handle (there’s no need for a separate case) and vehicle integration to secure devices used in vehicles, with the option of heavyweight docks for armoured personnel carriers. Finally, the Toughbook 40 comes with a full range of accessories including desktop docking units (with connectivity and charging) and a 4-bay battery charger to ensure that a charged battery is always available for devices that are in constant use.