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End to end encry ption Lifesize is enhancing its cloud video conferencing solutions with end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for all paid for and free subscriptions. Due to be deployed automatically on a rolling basis in Q3 2020, Lifesize E2EE will enable users of Lifesize meeting room solutions and desktop/mobile/web apps to encrypt audio and video streams end-to-end using a key shared among meeting participants. Media will be encrypted from each participant, stay encrypted while in transit and on Lifesize servers, and can only be decrypted on clients that have the key. 01732 759725 06 No server required With the launch of the ezeep for Azure cloud printing platform, developed specifically for Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, ThinPrint has become the first cloud printing solution to enable print rendering to take place entirely in the cloud. Until now, cloud printing solutions have only connected printers with users, leaving print rendering to take place on the user’s device or on a company server. With ezeep for Azure cloud printing, users can install plug and play ezeep Hubs in branches and remote offices, giving users full access to almost any model of network printer without the need for print servers. All print data is compressed, TLS encrypted and transferred to the ezeep Hub without the need for VPN connections. INNOVATIONS What’s New Self-service deliveries Quadient has announced the UK launch of Parcel Pending by Quadient Parcel Locker Solutions. Designed for multi-tenant residential buildings and offices, the solutions automate the receipt (and return) of parcels. Once a package has been placed in a locker by the carrier, the intended recipient receives a one-time PIN or barcode for self-service pick- up, via email, SMS or in-app notification. Super-efficient UPS Riello UPS has launched a 500 kVA model in its super-efficient NextEnergy (NXE) range of transformerless uninterruptible power supplies. The NXE 500 incorporates a host of energy-saving features to reduce power consumption and running costs. These include an Active Eco operating mode that powers the load using the bypass line as well as acting as a filter that eliminates the need for power factor correction, boosting efficiency to 98.5%. Up to eight units can be used in parallel to increase capacity or add redundancy. Smarter workspace management Smartway2 has added extra Covid-safe workplace functionality to its cloud- based workplace scheduling technology (see last month’s issue). These include: contact tracing reports – if someone falls ill, Smartway2 can identify colleagues that have been in close proximity to the infected person; ‘low Covid risk’ self- certification and management approval for employees who want to return to the office; and employee sentiment surveys whenever someone books resources. Rugged tablet Panasonic’s most rugged and powerful Android tablet to date, the Toughbook A3 tablet with 10.1in display is also longer lasting than its predecessor (the A2), with a standard battery life of 9 hours or 15.5 hours with optional large batteries. The fully rugged, water and dust-resistant device is drop-tested to 1.5 metres, can be used with gloves and is viewable in all light and weather conditions, including rain. Panasonic COMPASS 2.0 management tools offer rapid configuration and enhanced security updates. Safety training Already used in Australia and now available in the UK, the Soul Safe online training and business certification programme is a quick way to train staff in infection prevention and control, with separate modules on Covid-19, virus theory, hygiene, physical distancing and Covid-secure workplaces. Certified businesses can display a Soul Safe badge on their premises to reassure visitors and employees. Protective film CHERRY WetEx protective film helps keep keyboards free of dirt and germs by stopping dust, crumbs and other matter from accumulating beneath the keys. Quick and easy to clean using standard disinfectants, the flexible cover can be fitted to a wide range of CHERRY products, including the KC 1000, G84-4100, KC 1000 SC and STREAM KEYBOARD models. EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD PANASONIC: Toughbook A3 0 Video sharing Blink, the smart employee app, has added a video sharing feature that allows users to share video news bulletins and policy updates from within the app. Already deployed in more than 100 organisations, including the NHS, the Prison Service and Stagecoach, Blink gives frontline workers access to all the information and resources they need in a single app, along with the ability to interact with colleagues and give feedback to managers. EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD CHERRY: WetEx 0