Technology Reseller v32 51 VIDEO MEETINGS On returning to the hive, Honey Bees communicate the distance, direction, and quality of nectar-rich flowers to their fellowworkers Telecoms and IP Engineering Solutions for Business since 1988 Innovative • Flexible • Reliable • Supportive • Cost Effective Sales 020 7501 3333 • Partner Services 020 7501 3150 Features include: Fixed IP address Ruggedised 4G SIM WAN connectivity IoT/M2M networks Easy installation Secure access via Firewall Honey Bee [Sterna paradisaea] Spitfire’s IoT Solutions - a smarter way to connect, collate and communicate. IoT is rapidly evolving and by definition requires Things to be connected, from device, to IoT platform, to user. All from any location. The diversity of IoT deployments therefore need an equally diverse range of connectivity solutions, especially Mobile Data. Spitfire’s IoT Gateway provides this connectivity foundation. Our expertise, in designing and developing your unique IoT Ecosystem, will ensure the flow and protection of your data throughout its journey. Spitfire Network Services Ltd: Training TechTalks IoT (Internet of Things) Mobile Ethernet IoT Gateway from 50p per SIM per month.