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AD DPS TECH DATA within every aspect of the team, from design and engineering to marketing and management. ucati officially signed Lenovo as a technological partner and sponsor in 2018. “Year by year, the role of Lenovo is increasing,” says Gabriele Conti, Director of Electronics Systems. “We are already using the laptops and servers for data, but that is just the first step. Now, we are working on artificial intelligence and big data… Step by step we are growing with Lenovo.” Engineers use Lenovo ThinkPads in the garage to simulate possible bike configurations — benefitting from the device’s unbeatable durability and battery life — while members of management, like Ciabatti and Dall’Igna, tap away on ThinkPads back at the office to ensure the operation is running smoothly. Engineers, at the garage, equipped with Lenovo computers download and process data collected from the bikes. This data is then sent to powerful Lenovo servers at Ducati headquarters in Bologna, Italy, for storage and further analysis. “Our collection of data is increasing year by year — and it impacts every aspect of the race, including simulation development, power control strategies, the braking mechanism, and so on,” Conti explains. He summarizes the role of data as: “Trying to help the human make the right choice” — in the garage and on the track. “Data gives us a huge advantage.” Lenovo is “the perfect match our engineers need to make these bikes even more competitive,” Ciabatti echoes. “We are proud to have Lenovo branding on our bikes, but on the other side of that, it’s the technological partnership that enables our engineers to develop bikes at this level.” Speak to an expert Basingstoke 01256 707 070 Burnley 01282 776 776