Technology Reseller - v22

The Fortinet advantage What sets Fortinet apart? It’s our Cybersecurity platform technology, paired with our MSP training and support – a dynamic combination that drives SMB confidence, competence and sales. Unlike other security providers that shoehorn several enterprise technologies into offers for SMBs, Fortinet solutions are tailored specifically for SMBs – making them the ideal choice. • Scalable, easy-to-implement solutions fit for SMBs: Fortinet provides best-in-breed, adaptive security solutions that fit any security environment or requirement your customers may demand. We offer platform technology – not disparate endpoint products – that are easy to implement, manage and scale. It’s a smart way to provide one-stop service to your customers. • Expert resources designed for MSPs: We offer the MSP a single-pane-of-glass-management, multitenancy and administrative domains you need, as well as essential API and DevOps integration support for back-end provisioning and custom portals – all with the goal of providing the automation and centralised management that’s essential for operational efficiency. • Tailored tools, training and certification: Becoming a consultative expert in SMB security and developing long-term relationships are key to your success. We offer targeted technical and sales training courses (Network Security Expert, Managed Security Services, sales training) and tools – like guides to develop custom security plans with your customers – to help your team sell with credibility and competence. We also offer Network Security Expert certification, quick-start guides, in-field experts, marketing and lead-generation support, and our Partner-to-Partner Connect engagement platform that provides a community through which you can jointly deliver services. • Flexible business models: Fortinet offers a range of consumption models designed to fit your business strategy, with built-in contract flexibility to help you scale with your customers’ needs. • Support on demand: Fortinet support is never out of reach. Fortinet-trained support professionals and content are available online and via escalation 24/7 from your preferred distributor. You’ll be well equipped to offer seamless support to your customers. What’s next for you For more information on how Fortinet can help you support your SMB customers’ most pressing security challenges, contact us today at [email protected]