Print.IT Reseller - issue76

Genuine Xerox Supplies Keep your customers loyal with the Xerox FREE lifetime printer warranty. For your Genuine Xerox supplies, call your UFP Account Manager: 01274 651800 1. Check when their current printer warranty expires. 2. Buy a full set of Genuine Xerox Toner 60 days or less before the expiry date. 3. Register their purchase with Xerox at Claiming is simple, your customers just need to follow the steps below: Xerox o ers a Free Equipment Lifetime Warranty on many of its award-winning oce printers and MFPs. To keep the warranty valid, your customers must simply buy and register a full set of Genuine Xerox Supplies within 60 days of their warranty expiry date. This will extend their printer warranty for another year, ensuring they receive quality prints all year round.