Print.IT Reseller - issue 110

EVENT PRINTITRESELLER.UK 17 PCL Direct is a 5-star Accedited Member of Part of the PCL Direct Group T: 02476 663366 Email: [email protected] An organisation which can demonstrate an exemplary approach to minimising environmental impact and how they are committed to delivering environmental excellence across the board, with a focus on UK-based initiatives and achievements. A remanufacturer of compatible cartridges for the UK market providing solutions which are engineered to match OEM-original supplies and offer end-users a high quality, cost-effective alternative. An innovator who simply does not stand still, demonstrating initiatives to improve customers’ experience, redefining how they work with the people or environments they serve, or have used technology in new ways. A company who provides specialist channel services, such as remanufacturing, delivering dealercentric services, quick turnarounds, and first class opportunities for dealer business growth. EOS Channel Services Print IT Award Print IT Award for Manufacturer of the Year of the Year Excellence Provider Environmental Innovation Why are we shortlisted? Because we are all of these. Contact us now: