Managed.IT - issue 65 25 E-LEARNING Ian Birch, Managing Director of isowise, answers our questions about the new e-learning platform for compliance organisation should be trained on. How does isowise differ from other e-learning platforms? Our training is focused purely on compliance, which is an important component of any organisation's commitment to governance and risk. Our experiences in this area have given us a unique insight into the needs of the SMB market. From the outset, our goal was to build a platform which could be rolled out across an organisation without the fear of escalating costs. Hence, we've avoided 'per user' pricing and built packages specifically for micro, small and medium-sized businesses. What courses are available at launch, and do you plan to add others in the future? We have 12 courses available at launch, all underpinned by regulations or international standards: n Anti-Bribery n Artificial Intelligence n Business Continuity n Cyber Security n Data Protection n Diversity & Inclusion n Environmental Management n Information Security n Occupational Health & Safety n Project Management n Psychological Health & Safety n Quality Management Our roadmap for the year includes adding the following courses: n Risk Management n Carbon Neutrality n Social Responsibility n Digital Screen Equipment How are courses priced and paid for? We have a subscription model built around company size and the number of courses required. These can be purchased directly on, starting at just £29 per month. The option is there to be billed annually or monthly, both with annual agreements. The packages can also be bought and invoiced through our reseller partners. What are the opportunities for the IT channel? The main opportunities we see for the IT channel are: n New recurring revenue streams to complement existing services; n Opportunities for new service offerings to close gaps identified through the training activities; n Further positioning the channel as a trusted advisor in the governance, risk and compliance area. Where can I find out more about becoming an isowise reseller? Partners are invited to connect with us via the form at or by emailing [email protected]. What is isowise? isowise is a compliance-based e-learning platform. Our mission is to build a culture of compliance through online awareness training. Who is it aimed at? isowise is aimed at micro, small and medium-sized businesses. Companies of all sizes are encouraged to train their teams on compliance to ensure legal adherence, protect sensitive data and mitigate risks. This will ultimately safeguard their reputation and financial wellbeing, whilst opening new growth opportunities. How long has isowise been in development? You could say six years, given that that's how long I've been involved in the world of GDPR, cyber security and ISO certification. Technically, our comprehensive list of courses and the platform itself were developed throughout 2023 in readiness for launch in February 2024. Why are you launching it now? My time spent supporting SMEs with their data protection, ISO certification and Cyber Essentials projects identified an ongoing need for training in these areas. Technical controls alone are unlikely to fully protect a business. The real risk often sits between the chair and the keyboard, hence why continual training and awareness is required. Challenges and opportunities in the areas I just mentioned are common for companies to have on their radar. However, taking Artificial Intelligence as an example, this has taken significant strides forward in recent years, resulting in ISO 42001 being released a few months ago. This encourages the effective, ethical and responsible use of AI, which employees across an Introducing isowise Ian Birch