Managed.IT - issue 65

24 01732 759725 WORKPLACE Rachael Tiffen is Director of Public Sector & Learning at Cifas, a not-for-profit fraud prevention service with more than 700 member organisations from diverse sectors united by an interest in preventing economic crime such as identity fraud, account takeovers and false applications. For 30 years, Cifas has led the fight against such crimes by sharing real-time data, cultivating intelligence to build products and services and educating organisations and consumers in how to combat fraud. It hosts the largest databases of fraud risk in the UK (the National Fraud Database and the Insider Threat Database) and plays a critical role in education and training through Cifas Fraud and Cyber Academy qualifications and certified courses and the Apollo Digital Learning platform (see box). No two days are ever the same for Rachael Tiffen. Here, she highlights six things she couldn’t do her job – or jobs – without… I couldn’t do my job without... w A collaborative and motivating workplace culture To help protect not just our members but the wider public, it’s vital that we embody a counterfraud culture at Cifas and enable specialists to come together to share cross-sector knowledge, data and intelligence. We fully embrace this at Cifas. We are accredited as an ‘Outstanding Company to Work For’ by Best Companies and never stop trying to do more to reduce fraud. Being part of such a collaborative and passionate group, who make work fun and interesting each day, is extremely motivating. e The right skills and qualifications I’ve spent decades building my counter-fraud, anti-corruption & bribery knowledge, and am proud of my post-graduate certificate in fraud and financial crime, alongside my internal audit and risk management qualification. Both have proved to be invaluable. My experience and skills make a difference when talking to our stakeholders about counter-fraud, but there’s always something new to learn about how fraudsters operate. It’s essential we continue to develop our skills and evolve the fraud prevention training we deliver at Cifas to enable organisations to tackle new and existing threats. r Knowledgeable and supportive colleagues The ability to share a passion for fighting fraud with like-minded individuals is a privilege. Collectively, we’re committed to protecting our members and the public and influencing industry change via data, intelligence and learning. Having a supportive network of experts driven by the same purpose makes working at Cifas very special. q A clear strategy and vision – and sticking to it There’s so much to do and achieve when tackling fraud – the highest reported crime type in the UK. Alongside my day-to-day responsibilities, I sit on the Board of the London Fraud Forum, the Public Sector Fraud Authority Cross Sector Advisory Group and other industry bodies. In my own time I am also the Independent Advisor to the Standards and Ethics Committee for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and sit on the Audit Committee for the Police Commissioner for Devon & Cornwall and Dorset. Having a strategic approach, a clear vision and effective goals in place to combat economic crime allows me to give everything I can to each role. Apollo digital learning Apollo is Cifas’ immersive videoled, digital learning programme designed to help employers and employees detect and stop fraud from happening within the workplace. It uses action-packed film, animation and engaging storytelling to deliver memorable universal fraud awareness training, with each episode lasting 5 to 8 minutes. Whether defending against the dangers of identity fraud and criminal recruitment or detecting key insider threats, Apollo empowers employees to protect themselves and their organisations from fraud and economic crime. To book a demo, visit: t Being flexible and adaptable I’m a Director by day and wear different hats depending on whether I’m with colleagues, members, prospects or representing Cifas at various events. I take my role as a single parent very seriously too. Thankfully, I’m with a supportive organisation that understands family life can sometimes be unpredictable and it’s important to remain agile. y The tech to do the job Having secure processes, policies and technology in place – alongside effective IT support – is a musthave for any organisation with a remote-first approach to working. When not in-person, I enjoy having regular touchpoints with colleagues through the video and chat functions on Microsoft Teams. Having secure access to our customer relationship management tool ensures we’re working with members in the right way. Rachael Tiffen