Business Info - issue 151

01732 759725 25 magazine CYBERSECURITY Features include: Easy installation Web-based Console Call Management/Routing Softphone integration Connect using handset, laptop, PC or mobile phone The Great Migration is the largest herd movement of animals on the planet involving an astonishing 1.2 million Blue Wildebeest. Telecoms and IP Engineering Solutions for Business since 1988 Innovative • Flexible • Reliable • Supportive • Cost Effective Sales 020 7501 3333 • Partner Services 020 7501 3150 Features: Up to 1Gbp downstream 24/7 Support Opti ns Voice Assist Call Priority Ideal with Hosted PBX Multiple fibre options Free connection & router on 24 month minimum term Blue Wildebeest [Connochaetes taurinus] Now is a good time to upgrade your Internet circuit to full fibre. FTTP broadband (Fibre to the Premises) supplies the fastest possible broadband speeds available, up to 1Gbps! Not only does fibre provide a supremely reliable connection, Spitfire can also ensure superior VoIP quality with Voice Assist call priority. Fast speeds. Clear calls. Perfect for versatile VoIP telephony systems, such as Spitfire’s Hosted PBX 2.1 or 3CX Cloud. Contact us about future-proofing your business needs, ahead of the Big Switch Off in 2025. Spitfire’s Ultrafast Full Fibre FTTP Broadband Openreach are upgrading their national telecommunications network to an all IP future. Before the end of 2025, all existing analogue and ISDN lines with be switched off. Most existing broadband circuits must be upgraded to work with the new network. Full Fibre FTTPBroadband. Get ahead of the greatmigration to next generation connectivity.