Business Info - issue 151 magazine 18 COVER STORY Toshiba’s latest cloud-ready and secure products, combined with the support from our team of experts, provide the solutions you need to improve workflow and print with functionalities that are smarter and more convenient than ever before. With new features to increase productivity in line with the needs of hybrid workplaces. These new range of A3 MFPs (multifunction printers) consist of 14 models in total, comprising of 2 colour ranges: the e-STUDIO2520AC series and e-STUDIO6525AC series, and 1 monochrome range: the e-STUDIO6528A series. Smarter. Easier to use. Connected. Greener The new e-STUDIO series’ are the 3rd generation of Toshiba’s trusted and ever-evolving e-BRIDGE Next platform. With key upgrades and improvements focusing on smarter, easier, connected and greener operation. The devices are also customisable, not only at office user level but down to individuals, which adds to the flexibility and ease of use of these devices. They’re also equipped with functionalities that enable non-contact, non-face-to-face, and remote work. Based on the latest technological advances and security standards, these MFP systems help you seamlessly and securely navigate today’s digital workplace. To help organisations meet their sustainability objectives, the new devices meet the highest environmental standards and are equipped with several environmentally friendly features: n Low-power, super sleep mode to reduce energy consumption and lower cost n Designed and developed using recycled plastics n The e-BRIDGE Plus for Green Information app, which displays environmental achievements directly on the MFP, encourages the use of eco-friendly settings Adapting to change Today’s new distributed work environment demands that information is available and accessible from anywhere at any time for organisations to be efficient and productive. Yet information also needs to be secure… Introducing Toshiba’s latest multifunction devices!