Business Info - issue 138

STORAGE P2P Magazine | 19 Take me with you Designed for agile working, the Hotbox 2 personal storage system keeps documents, tech and stationery in a sleek, easy to carry box. A business card holder with side-pull handle provides easy identification and retrieval from lockers. Once open, the fabric cover acts as a protective mat for your desk. The compartments include pen and utility pots and an elastic tablet strap, while the central divider functions as an integrated whiteboard. Customisable caddy Ideal for shared desk environments, the Caddy from Bisley features hardy castors and a handle for manoeuvrability. It comprises an open cubby space for bags and lockable drawers for stationery, work and tech. The top can be specified with an upholstered seat pad for quick get- togethers or with a wooden top for added workspace. The Bisley Caddy is available in more than 20 colours and the upholstered perch cushion in 60 finishes. Get organised Ubi Work Tools, created by Herman Miller and design firm Observatory, is a collection of accessories that help workers organise and personalise their workspace. The collection’s mobile bag catch, organisers, attached shelves, screens and bag hooks can be arranged and rearranged to suit users’ personal preferences. Their compact, minimalist design keeps documents and belongings visible and accessible while minimising clutter. Insight and control The addition of RFID-enabled, battery- powered locks to the KI 800 Series of storage units creates a flexible, intelligent and easy-to-manage storage system that gives facilities managers new insight into how storage units are being used. Proprietary software enables them to monitor, track and audit activity to help with procurement decisions and reduce the risk of data and intellectual property theft. Declutter the desk A useful accessory for Steelcase’s Bivi bench system, the Bivi Holder helps keep desktops free of clutter by providing storage space for books, drinks and other small items. A Bivi Planter does the same for office plants. Space divider CUBE_S desks and storage by Bene can be combined in variety of ways to suit different requirements, with storage units providing shelving, extra worksurfaces and screening between desks. The Cross layout, for example, utilises four cabinets to create cockpit-like workstations for concentrated work, while the Cluster layout uses the cabinets to shield off a homogeneous work setting, ideal for teamworking. Quick seating TS Series mobile pedestals from Steelcase are ideal for organisations that frequently reconfigure their office space, by enabling users to move storage to where it’s needed. The series includes a hinged top pedestal with a seat cushion that combines storage with a perch for colleagues.