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01732 759725 34 AI PCs on a weekly or monthly basis, sending out emails to check the compliance of employees, and compliance is not always great because there's a human interaction. Mention something everybody's talking about, like Taylor Swift tickets, and your brain automatically lowers its defences. This machine will likely recognise that's not what normally happens on this network and take a preventative action. Phishing is getting smarter and AI will be able to start challenging it and matching it in terms of speed of identification and resolution. Another benefit of an AI PC is that the new processors and the new devices coming out are less power intensive, better with power management. One unique selling feature might simply be that your fleet of 20,000, 30,000 or 40,000 powerhungry PC devices will offer better power efficiency in the future. That may be the use case. It may be as simple as saying all I want an AI PC for is better power management and longer battery life. For many, a 20-hour or 22-hour battery life will be a game-changer. TR: What needs to happen if AI PCs are to have the impact on PC sales many are hoping for? BL: People in the channel have to position themselves as experts in AI technology from a hardware and from an application perspective. Investing in training and certification for sales teams and technical teams will enable them to have more valuable conversations with customers. Approaching this as a solution sell, rather than individual pieces, whether that's an application or a device, will bring additional money and benefits through consultancy and integration. For vendors in particular building a strong relationship early on, making people understand the benefits of AI PCs, providing training to the channel and helping them to be able to convey those benefits to their customers is going to get adoption going. I really believe we've got a huge opportunity. It's been a while since there's been a killer reason to replace PCs and at the moment there are a few big things coming together. You have AI PCs and the benefits of AI. At the same time, there’s a big opportunity with Windows 10 going end of life next year. I’ve seen estimates that 67% of the hundreds of millions of devices out there are still not running Windows 11. There is an opportunity to merge those conversations. You have to move to Windows 11 for future-proofing and there are also compelling reasons to move to AI PCs. Those two things will really elevate the industry starting in the second half of this year and put some turbos on it as we go into 2025. Together, they will get PC growth back to levels we last saw during COVID. integrating all of the capabilities of AI into the things we do daily. This is what CIOs need to think about. What model do they want? Do you invest in the machine if security is a big driver for you or if you're a data scientist and you need huge computing power? In certain areas, do you replace human interaction? Today, we are all used to interacting with a chatbot, but AI will take this to the next level where you could have something you think is a human being talking to you in any language you want. Interactions in our day to day lives will change as a result of AI solutions powered by AI PCs. TR: You mention data security. Do AI PCs have additional levels of security? BL: When people ask me about the advantages of an AI PC, the first thing I mention is greater efficiency. Number two on my list is security. Today we tend to think about lock and key security – you might say my machine already has a software application on it managing security. AI PC will take security to another level. For example, threat detection will become managed on a machine and react more quickly than traditional security software that needs to see potential threats, see what’s turning into a real threat and then put patches out onto machines. AI will learn and start to detect patterns. It will respond in real time to what it thinks is a threat and can probably identify unusual behaviour a lot faster because it's now personalised to your machine, in addition to cloud AI looking at network traffic and unusual behaviour there. More importantly, it will be able to take preventative actions. Many companies run simulations ...continued