Technology Reseller v72 31 Windows 11 w Migration To do the actual migration, Microsoft Intune or technologies from Avanti are typically used to push out the new OS, irrespective of whether the user is officebased or working from home. Desktop monitoring tools can add value in two main areas. First, gathering user sentiment feedback from employees through surveys. This helps IT departments assess the success of a deployment by asking staff questions like: n How did the migration go? n Did everything work correctly? n Were there any issues experienced during the migration phase? Second, these tools also mean that technical staff can remote manage and remote control a user’s desktop to review and fix issues. This can get really granular, with ‘remote shell’ functionality allowing the actual configuration of a device (with no need to buy third party tools to do this). e Optimisation Without doubt, operating system migrations cost money. For organisations running the current version of Windows 10, the actual software upgrade to Windows 11 is free. But once you factor in the time to do all the planning, app testing and migration work, the hidden and actual costs are considerable, especially if you have to buy new hardware. To get the most out of this investment, organisations should be looking to optimise and transform how they manage their estates. By rolling out digital employee experience (DEX) management tools as Windows 11 goes in, customers will get significantly more visibility and understanding of their IT around questions such as: n How are their desktop and app environments performing? n What’s the employee experience like? n How are devices functioning? n Where are bottlenecks and issues? This allows IT departments to be more proactive and responsive to staff needs, reduces support tickets and ultimately puts them in control of their whole end user compute environment rather than it controlling them. Back to the Countdown show. In one of the games, contestants are given vowels and consonants which they have to put in order to make the longest word possible. It’s now time for all organisations to order their end user compute environment, if they are to effectively, quickly and safely adopt Windows 11. Simon Townsend is Global Field CTO of ControlUp, which is reimagining Digital Employee Experience (DEX) management with real-time visibility, enabling 20X faster issue resolution on any desktop, any application, anywhere. ControlUp provides actionable, true AI-driven insights and proactive remediation tools to drive unbounded productivity for IT teams and employees. Nearly 2,000 customers across the globe trust ControlUp, including more than one-third of the Fortune 100.