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CVR sTY Scan the QR code to access our free domain health checker. Test your domain now Why did you choose Sendmarc as your DMARC vendor? What about domain security? How successful has Sendmarc been since you launched them? How do resellers and MSPs add Sendmarc to their portfolio? Is DMARC a good opportunity for MSPs and resellers? How can resellers and MSPs leverage the free domain checker to attract new clients? Sendmarc is an outstanding platform that solves a real problem in an effective, MSP-friendly way. That’s what we look for in every vendor. Sendmarc will get any domain to a DMARC policy of p=reject (the most secure of all) within 90 days. Because it’s built with so many integrations and automation, it takes a complex process and automates much of the work. From an MSP’s perspective, it’s low-maintenance and easy to manage customers’ DNS records at scale. It’s simple. If an email domain doesn’t have correctly configured SPF, DKIM and DMARC policies, it’s alarmingly easy to impersonate it and send emails that appear to be from that domain. This is highly effective in phishing campaigns because it exploits recipients’ trust in that domain. In a sense, this is about protecting your contacts. But also, the reputational cost is enormous if your domain is used in a phishing attack. The deliverability problem is significant for any business because we all need email. But the security issue is too big to ignore. Adding a p=none policy and leaving it alone creates a massive vulnerability. Sendmarc has been a spectacular success for our partners and their customers. Most MSPs weren’t implementing DMARC at all this time last year. But we anticipated the changes that were coming and brought the launch of Sendmarc forward. This enabled us and our partners to get ahead of the rest of the channel on DMARC. It couldn’t be easier. Just contact Brigantia and our brilliant, knowledgeable team will give you everything you need to provide Sendmarc to your customers. Absolutely. The vast majority of public and private organisations should have a DMARC policy. It’s a chance for the channel to meet a genuine need and add a new revenue stream. You can check their domains and your own and show them the results. It’s a simple way to demonstrate a need and a vulnerability that can otherwise seem too technical.