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16 01732 759725 TECHNOLOGY LIVE 2024 Technology Live returns to the Business Design Centre, London, this time in partnership with UptimeLive. We strongly encourage C Suite MSP leaders to attend this value-driven event and take time away from their usual business concerns to think clearly and strategically about all aspects of running their business. Attend UptimeLive if you want to stand out from the pack and take your business to the next level. TR: Why are you launching it now? Uptime has grown to such an extent and now works with so many MSPs globally that we are in a good position to identify trends and key issues affecting the broader MSP community. Because of the nature of our services, we have a much more intimate relationship with our MSP partners than a typical vendor and routinely work with MSPs to overcome issues as they crop up. We wanted a way to package this knowledge and share it with a wider audience. Perhaps most importantly, we are seeing a shift in the market, with the emergence of a new breed of MSP that isn’t started by technical people. These new players have strong sales and commercial experience and are able to grow at an astounding rate. Part of the purpose of UptimeLive is to level the playing field for traditional MSPs by helping them to become more business-focused. TR: What type of exhibitor are you hoping to attract and how many? We are looking to attract forward thinking exhibitors that are interested in delivering real value to the MSP market. Sign-ups are going quickly, but we still have spaces for 15 vendors. That said, we are adding new exhibitors daily, so vendors wanting to get in on the action will need to act quickly. TR: UptimeLive is running alongside TechLive, which has always been free to attend. Why are you charging for UptimeLive? A free event simply doesn’t have the budget to bring in good speakers and drive the value that we think is necessary if people are going to take time out of their business to attend. We didn’t want UptimeLive to be a sales event. Of course, vendors are still a huge part of UptimeLive and will be showing their products and services in the vendor hall, but by charging a small fee for entry tickets we can ensure all of our content is thought-provoking and delivers value. TR: How many visitors are you expecting to attend? Across the venue, we are anticipating 650 attendees. TR: What are the benefits of the co-location with Technology Live? Tech Live is a well established event that has typically been very popular in the telco and managed print space, two groups that are looking to transition into MSPs. These businesses tend also to be run by more sales-focused individuals and we felt that putting the two events together would give both audiences a great opportunity to network and learn from each other. TR: Where can readers find out more information? On September 17, Technology Live will once again provide an opportunity for MSPs, VARS and SIs to find out about new technologies and new vendors within their existing areas of expertise, as well as complementary technologies that might provide new revenue streams or scope for lucrative partnerships. UptimeLive, co-located with Technology Live in the Business Design Centre, will focus more on the tools and skills MSPs need to need boost their productivity and profitability. Here, Technology Reseller talks to Uptime Managing Director Bradley Munday and Uptime Director Jason Kemsley about the new event for UK MSPs. Technology Reseller: What is UptimeLive and who should attend? There are lots of MSP shows out there, but one of the biggest challenges MSP owners face is the commercial side of things. We started our careers as a couple of techs and have faced the same challenge of having to mature our own business acumen over the years. Which is why we are bringing you UptimeLive, the business show for MSPs. Put very simply, we won’t be pushing an agenda or vendors with the messaging you hear at other events. All our sessions and agenda are based around good business habits and principles that we can all use to become better businesses together. Double the value Business Design Centre · London · 17 September 2024 ICT · MANAGED IT · MOBILE · PRINT 24 in partnership with Bradley Munday Jason Kemsley