Technology Reseller v48 29 STORAGE Global Data Environment pioneer eyes EMEA growth with opening of London office and appointment of Spinnaker as EMEA distributor “One of the things we’ve seen over the last two years are trends like the distributed workforce, with more and more people wanting to work in different locations to where the data is, and hybrid cloud. A lot of customers have been moving to the cloud. Some might be halfway there, with applications on prem and in the cloud; how do they keep the same datasets across both? Other customers might be further down the path and have multi-cloud or multi-region type issues as well. All these developments are driving the need to be able to visualise, access and manage datasets globally and make them available to the customer wherever they happen to be. What’s exciting is that customers acknowledge this is an area they need to address.” He added: “The verticals we are targeting initially are going to be media and entertainment, where we see a big requirement for this, and the computer gaming environment where developers and designers are in different regions and need to be able to access the same data. We also see opportunities in life sciences and legal.” To help accelerate its EMEA expansion through a 100% channel strategy, Hammerspace is partnering with valueadded distributor Spinnaker, selected on the basis of its alignment with Hammerspace’s go-to-market strategy, its strong focus on key vertical segments, its technical acumen and its complementary product portfolio. Gerard Brophy, who co-founded Spinnaker in September 2018, says the distributor has achieved great success – including a 236% rise in turnover to £27 million in 2021 – by being an early adopter of technologies, picking the right ones to bring to market and then providing technical advice and technical enablement to partners. He said: “Often people ask us how we select certain vendors? And it’s really quite simple. We look at three aspects: we look at the people, we look at the VC cash behind them and we look at the technology and how it works – can we sell it to the reseller community? And with Hammerspace we have ticked all three boxes.” Hammerspace, provider of the world’s first solution to connect global users with their data and applications on any existing data centre infrastructure or public cloud service, is enhancing the support it offers to customers in EMEA with the establishment of a London office and a local sales team and the appointment of Spinnaker as its EMEA distribution partner. Expansion in EMEA follows growing demand in the region for the Hammerspace Global Data Environment platform, which unifies all data in a single global file system so that users (and applications) have local read/write data access to the entirety of an organisation’s data (with orchestration), no matter where they are located or where the data is stored – in the cloud, at the edge, in multiple data centres, in multiple regions. By enabling employees to work locally while their IT systems are managed globally, Hammerspace’s platform has real value for data-intensive organisations that are increasingly drawing on the talents of workers spread across the world, particularly in sectors such as electronic design automation (EDA); autonomous vehicles; high performance computing (HPC); visual effects (VFX); animation; post-production; and life sciences (e.g. genomics, microscopy and pharmaceutical research). The company has already had some success in EMEA – 35% of its customer base is in Europe – with take-up fuelled by Hammerspace’s availability in local regions of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud and by US companies with European operations. The establishment of a dedicated EMEA office headed up by Chris Bowen, SVP of Global Sales, and the appointment of Spinnaker as a distributor will enable Hammerspace to provide more support to existing EMEA customers and establish a network of channel partners to drive demand locally. Sales Director Iain Malins says that Hammerspace addresses real problems faced by data-intensive organisations. The Hammerspace Global Data Environment n Any Datacenter, Any Cloud, Any Region, Anywhere. Hammerspace enables organisations to store, protect and operate on data by moving it to the best location to access compute resources, take advantage of the lowest cost infrastructure, and make files locally available to distributed workforces. For example, Hammerspace runs its software locally in all of the different public cloud regions across EMEA for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. n Applications Anywhere. Applications can access data stored in remote locations while using automated orchestration tools to provide high-performance local access when needed for processing. n Users Anywhere. People are increasingly working from all parts of the world as organisations seek to grow their talent pools with access to team members no matter where they reside. The Hammerspace Global Data Environment automates and optimises the movement of data and eliminates the need to replicate a full copy of the data at each site, enabling the enterprise to work more efficiently and cost-effectively. Hammerspace targets EMEA