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01732 759725 20 ...continued MSPS customers’. There’s a lot of overlap of tools and even clouds. ‘We do most of our stuff in Azure, but we’ve got a couple of customers that really like to be in AWS or Google Cloud.’ Well, maybe it’s time to take a look at those services and say can we deliver this profitably or are we just costing ourselves money?” He adds: “Most MSPs say they’re busier than ever. Gaining business isn’t the big issue – it’s delivering it profitably and not burning out the people you have.” More acquisitions likely For this reason, Puglia says Kaseya is likely to make further acquisitions this year as it builds out a complete toolkit for MSPs to draw on and integrate as their needs change. “Our goal is to provide MSPs with everything they need, whether they need it today or in the future, so that they can just pull something off the shelf and integrate it with what they’re already using to gain some efficiency. That’s one benefit. The other is if you’re already a customer, we should be able to supply it at a lower price. So we’re going to continue to add on to the stack to make people more efficient and to enable them to buy things at a lower cost. “The way we look at acquisitions is, is this something that our customers are doing today? Is this something that we can integrate into some of our other products, kind of like Microsoft Office – Word and Excel are two different programmes, but they work well together? And can we offer it to our customers at a lower price because we don’t have all those sales and marketing acquisition costs when selling to existing customers. If it meets those criteria, we have the financial wherewithal to make a move.” Puglia adds: “We are also going to keep growing organically. We’ve got a lot of plans for our existing products, to keep them best in class, for example by adding more cloud features, because if we’ve seen one thing during the pandemic, it’s that everyone’s going all in on anything cloud.” “With our MSP business consulting and peer groups, instead of just providing technology we can provide independent consulting on how to operate your business in a high inflation environment. Your costs are going up, your customers are not yet fully recovered from the pandemic. How do you handle that other than by losing margin?” The obvious answer, he suggests, is through process automation and vendor consolidation, both key selling points of Kaseya’s offering. “The two big posts our consultancy helps with are around automation – what processes should MSPs automate – and consolidation. Most MSPs have 12 to 16 vendors and they usually have multiple products that do parts of the same thing. So, are there areas where you can consolidate your stack and save money? “MSPs often say ‘We have this that does this type of scan and this that does this scan’ or ‘Joe really liked this product, so we kept it around for these three Kaseya 2022 MSP Benchmark Survey Key Findings: n Compliance is becoming a bigger pain point for MSPs’ customers. Compliance has become a significant challenge for SMBs, with 74% of MSPs stating that their customers struggle to meet regulatory compliance requirements. MSPs have been stepping up to help customers navigate this complex landscape, with 75% either offering or interested in offering compliance services. n Cybersecurity remains top of mind. MSPs are increasingly concerned about cybersecurity – 50% said their business is more at risk of cybercrime, up from 39% one year ago. Almost half report that a significant portion of their client base has fallen victim to a cyberattack within the last 12 months. Cybersecurity is also a revenue driver; 50% of MSPs say they evaluate the threat landscape quarterly to add new service offerings. n Active incident response plans are a big opportunity. Only 4% of respondents say that 100% of their client base has an active incident response plan. About half state that 25% of their clients have one; 8% of MSPs say that none of their clients do. n Most MSPs test disaster recovery capabilities – but frequency varies. Due to the increasing complexity of IT environments and the cyberthreat landscape, IT professionals are instructed to test their disaster recovery capabilities regularly. Almost one third (30%) of MSPs say they simulate disaster recovery capabilities quarterly, 25% test annually and 9% test monthly. One in seven MSPs (15%) admits that they never test. n Remote work remains a Top Three IT problem in 2022. The pandemic has permanently reshaped the work environment, with 22% of respondents stating that remote workforce setup was the top service requested by clients last year, followed by cloud migration (21%) and business continuity (13%). More than one third (36%) of MSPs see remote work as a Top Three IT pain point for customers in 2022. n MSPs value integrated solutions. Almost two thirds (64%) of MSPs say that integration of core applications, including RMM, PSA and IT documentation software, is either critical or very important to them, with 78% stating that this integration helps drive bottom-line profits. n Supply chain issues hold back MSPs. 92% of MSPs say supply chain issues have impacted their ability to sell solutions. n Hiring remains a challenge. Almost one in five MSPs (19%) believe hiring will be their primary challenge in 2022, up from 4% in last year’s survey. n M&A appetite is still strong amongst MSPs. Many MSPs are actively surveying the landscape and assessing their readiness to buy or sell. More than one third (36%) of respondents plan to sell or acquire within the next 24 to 36 months.