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01732 759725 38 PREDICTIONS best training to end users on the modern threats that plague organisations across all verticals. Well trained MSP providers acting as trusted advisors to organisations of all sizes will be the foundation for delivering good security hygiene and a strong security strategy in 2022 and beyond. Fiona Doak, EMEA Director Channel, Appgate ZTNA meets needs of hybrid working model Now that most companies have decided to adopt hybrid working and allow employees to work flexibly, the channel will need to ensure they have a cohesive go-to-market approach that is tailored and adapted to an organisation’s growing needs. Partners and distributors alike will have to offer solutions that complement and enhance an organisation’s security posture in this hybrid world. As a solution that complements a hybrid workforce, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) will become more prominent in 2022. We’ve seen various pieces of government legislation and memos about Zero Trust over the past six months, and over the next year we can expect to see more Zero Trust principles being adopted by organisations looking to secure their networks. As a result of this demand, there is an increasing need for channel partners to implement more cohesive, innovative strategies that allow organisations to move from on-premise to the cloud, and more importantly, show them how they can do more with less. Organisations need to consider ways to move from older, more antiquated systems to technology and solutions that offer genuine security. The entire security infrastructure is now and forever changed, so ensuring the channel offers solutions and strategies that actually work in today’s world will not just benefit individual organisations, but the industry as a whole. Organisations will also be looking to create a three- to five-year strategy, which outlines their approaches and business goals and looks at how they can be more productive and profitable. This will require partners to be more collaborative, which means that in 2022 we may end up seeing organisations working with several channel partners in order to put in place an infrastructure that aligns both their security and business needs. For this to happen, the channel will need to continue being that trusted advisor and consultative partner. Vendors, on the other hand, will need to look at how they can arm partners/ prospects with the tools they need to do their jobs properly. To this end, Appgate supports its channel-first strategy by holding sessions where partners can ask us anything and we can learn more about the challenges they face and where we can offer additional help. Vendors need to look at ways in which they can provide the support partners need at a time when customers are demanding more cohesive, collaborative solutions to their security needs. Sam Linford, VP Channel & MSSP EMEA, Deep Instinct Demand grows for preventative cyber security The channel has not significantly changed in the last few years, but in the years ahead we can certainly expect to see a shift in the way it is utilised by customers, end users, partners and distributors. The evolution of the cyber threat landscape and the development of new malicious code and software by cyber criminals is forcing the channel to provide more security services. VARs and MSPs are offering security products as part of their packages and are beginning to take on the role of Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). MSSPs have the resources and expertise in new threats to help implement a security solution that works best for each customer and gives them a better security posture. This is a positive change and one the industry should welcome. In 2022, there will be a continued shift in the development of security service provisioning within the channel. We will see end customers look to MSSPs to came to hosting their prized digital assets. But there’s a growing scepticism about cloud providers’ ability to secure data now that breaches and ransomware attacks are so prevalent. The hyperscalers have responded by adding new layers of data management and protection to their vast cloud infrastructures. A flurry of M&A activity that began with Google acquiring Actifio and AWS acquiring CloudEndure culminated recently with HPE folding Zerto into its cloud platform. In 2022, we can expect to see the hyperscalers take the lead and announce their own data protection strategies, seizing the initiative from the traditional backup and DR players. This is a sensible move. Demand for cloud resources grew exponentially during the pandemic and it will continue to grow to support hybrid working and bandwidthintensive apps and use cases. We’ll eventually reach a point where end users will expect the same levels of protection from their cloud provider that they get from an MSP. The same applies to businesses that are looking to retire their physical assets and move more of their operations to the cloud. They were already on that path pre-pandemic, but as they reach the end of hardware lifecycles their cloud investment decisions will be influenced by whichever provider has the most robust data management solution in place. With cyber insurance policies going through the roof and many insurers exiting the market, the onus will be on the hyperscalers to demonstrate cyber resilience and show how well equipped they are to manage and protect your data in any event. Managed Services Kelly Ahuja, CEO, Versa Networks MSPs seen as trusted advisors in security Most of the large-scale ransomware attacks in the past year have been caused by third party software being exploited, as was the case in the SolarWinds and Kaseya hacks. Training on threats and vulnerabilities, such as Supply Chain attacks, will be critical for MSPs as they aim to become trusted advisors to customers for all things security. Securing the infrastructure that third party providers manage requires protection of the people, applications, systems, traffic and everything in-between, and to do that an MSP must find and retain world class cybersecurity talent and offer the Kelly Ahuja ...continued Sam Linford Fiona Doak