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01732 759725 06 Smarter shopping PPDS, the global provider of Philips professional displays, is working with Intel, Advantech and Navori Labs on an AI-powered digital signage solution that supports more targeted shopping experiences through data-driven insights. The PPDS Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail combines Philips digital signage displays; Advantech’s Intel-powered remote management platform; and Navori Labs’ QL CMS content management solution and Aquaji smart AI-computer vision software platform. The latter analyses video feeds from embedded or IP-based cameras placed around a store to produce anonymised marketing data and metrics based on foot-traffic and people’s physical features – including gender and age. This information can be used to deliver targeted content and marketing to in-store displays and to gain insights into customer demographics, browsing habits and the overall shopping experience (e.g. time spent queuing). INNOVATIONS Encrypted traffic New from WatchGuard Technologies, the Firebox M290, M390, M590 and M690 unified threat management appliances for small and mid-size businesses deliver increased security and the fastest performance of any mid-range Firebox appliance. The extra processing power is particularly useful as it enables the appliances to process encrypted traffic without negatively impacting overall performance. WatchGuard’s Q2 2021 Internet Security Report found that more than 91% of malware attacking networks is encrypted. Preparing for the future BT Wholesale has launched a suite of hosted communications and broadband solutions to help businesses with 1-10 employees make the transition to a digital future ahead of the PSTN switch-off in 2025. The new solutions (supported by a self-service portal that makes it easy for partners to install, upgrade and manage customer orders) include BT Wholesale Hosted Communications (WHC) Express, giving small businesses a digital phone line for making calls over a broadband network, with the flexibility to make/receive calls on the same number on their fixed and mobile devices; and a new Broadband One solution, which delivers fast and reliable broadband options, including FTTP and SoGEA, with low latency and ultrafast speeds of up to 1Gbps. BT provides the solution as an end-to-end managed service with no upfront costs. Nothing to catch Catchbox, creator of the world’s first throwable microphone, has launched an antimicrobial cover and microphone foam cap to keep the wireless microphones clear of microbes. Treatment with Polygiene ViralOff during production of the covers is claimed to reduce the presence of micro-organisms by over 99% within two hours, effectively making the material self-cleaning. Better Together Powell Software is helping SMEs connect and collaborate with the launch of a small business intranet accessible from Microsoft Teams, a browser or mobile device. Called Together, the secure, ready-to-use space unites the intranet with Microsoft Teams so that employees can find everything they need on one platform with one intuitive interface. This includes an HR Hub with information on internal job openings, onboarding, news, events and tools such as expense reports and leave requests; dedicated pages for each department, for project work and the sharing of ideas and resources; a desk and meeting room booking solution (FlexDesk); IT tools, including support and software updates; corporate information (e.g. FAQs and contacts lists); and Virtual Coffee Machine and Water Fountain features that enable employees to connect socially with co-workers. Powell Software says that by leveraging the power of Microsoft Teams, Together meets a growing need for employee engagement. In a recent survey by the company, 50% of remote workers said they were worried about workplace exclusion. together-communication-collaboration/ From waste to watts The Ark Data Centres Meridian Park facility in North London has reached ‘practical completion’ two years after work started on the brownfield site. Previously a distribution centre, the tier 3 data centre provides 16MW of white space over seven Data Halls. It is cooled by indirect evaporative cooling units housed on external plant gantries and uses power from the Edmonton EcoPark waste management site where waste is turned into low carbon energy. Project cost manager and principal designer Concert says the site required extensive modifications, including a new external envelope and the construction of external plant gantries, a new ground floor slab to improve loading capacity and a new mezzanine floor for better space utilisation.