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Article TiTLE 01732 759725 ©Northamber 2018 E and O.E. December ‘18 Total Distribution™ Call us on 020 8296 7066 | follow us Microsoft from Northamber Power Business with Windows Server 2019... & the next-generation of Super Servers from Supermicro No matter where you want to take your organisation, get there with Windows Server 2019— bringing the innovation behind the world’s largest cloud datacentre to yours. Reduce risk with multiple layers of security right in the operating system for on-premises and cloud protection. Easily make the move to the cloud with Hyper-V— the same hypervisor used by Azure. Northamber recommends Windows Server Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2019 Microsoft OEM Server CAL 2019 • Safeguard your business • Improve IT e ciency and productivity • Be ready for the cloud “Talk to the experts at Northamber to nd out more about Windows Server 2019 and how it can help businesses reach their full potential, operate with agility while maintaining security, resilience and performance. All of this, on your terms.” The Northamber experts say: Supermicro Super Servers Take advantage of themost comprehensive & pro table line of servers, workstations & storage units from the #1 fastest growing IT infrastructure company worldwide according to FortuneMagazine. Total con g™ SUPERMICRO 7048R C1R OTO 26 4U Tower Server Fully Con gured • Intel E5-2630V4 2.2G 25M8GT 85WR3 2011 processor • 2x 8GB DDR4-2133 • 2x 1.2TB SAS 10K HDD 2.5’’ • 3 years on-site warranty FULLY CONFIGURED • Supports Dual Socket E5-2600 Xeon processor • 1 year warranty • Supports up to 3TBmemory • SATA 3 control with RAID 0,1,5,10 SUPERMICRO 1028U TR4+ 1U Rack Mount Server Chassis Only CALL FOR UPGRADE OPTIONS FOR BESPOKE CONFIGURATIONS ORDER: SM7048RC1R ORDER: SM0880 Windows Server TAKE ADVANTAGE OF NORTHAMBER’S CONFIGURATION & DEPLOYMENT SERVICES Let us take the pain out of Logistics, Con guration and Deployment. From installing and con gurating Windows Server 2016 to large-scale image cloning — let our certi ed professionals build & con gure your order before you take delivery.