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Introducing the
next generation of
sustainable printing
Further strengthening
its reputation as
the world’s leading
sustainable printing
technology pioneer,
Toshiba TEC UK Imaging
Systems has announced
the introduction of
its highly anticipated
multifunction product
(MFP). Incorporating
the company’s unique
erasable toner technology
it sets new standards in
office waste reduction
and cost savings.
establishments, financial institutions and
local governments can look forward to
experiencing these benefits. If the same
piece is used five times, paper usage
can be cut by a dramatic 80 per cent,
providing massive cost savings. Therefore,
not only is it good for the environment,
it also offers an excellent return on
The e-STUDIO RD30 will also convert
the contents of a document into an
electronic file, which can be stored in a
document management system (DMS).
Individuals can then access it from
any location and amend it as part of a
The e-STUDIO306LP/ RD30 is part of
Toshiba TEC’s ongoing commitment to
introducing solutions that help businesses
achieve their operational and corporate
social responsibility based objectives.
Jeremy Spencer concluded, ‘We firmly
believe that the e-STUDIO306LP/ RD30
opens the door to a new way of working
by encouraging users to save money and
reduce the massive amount of waste
paper that is created in offices every day.
By developing a system which also helps
reduce carbon emissions Toshiba TEC has
once again proven its commitment to a
better future.’
For more information on this amazing
new product, go to:
‘The paperless office is far from
a reality and business people are
still printing in vast quantities,’
commented Jeremy Spencer, Toshiba
TEC’s marketing director. ‘It is
estimated that 70 per cent of office
waste is made up of paper and the
average office worker gets through
up to 50 sheets of paper a day. Most
of this activity comprises print outs
of internal documents, emails and
memos, most of which are soon
thrown away.’
The e-STUDIO306LP/ RD30 looks like
a typical MFP and uses standard copier
paper. However, when used paper is
fed into the eraser unit it heats the ink,
wiping the print, providing a blank sheet
of paper to use again.
Not only that, documents can be
annotated with the use of a Pilot FriXion
pen. The unique gel ink in this pen also
responds to the heat generated by the
e-STUDIO RD30, removing notes and
comments as part of the erasing process.
With companies of all kinds now
being encouraged to operate in a
way that’s good for people and the
environment, other high volume
paper users such as educational