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wiping; and secure print with card
release options.
These secure print features enable
the user to store documents to print on
the printer’s hard drive disk. Only when
a four-digit, user-defined password is
entered on the printer’s front panel
can the document be printed with
features such as secure erase which
can automatically delete all data once
Print security has become even
more important with the increase in
remote working supported by wireless
and follow-me printing, which allows
users to print to any supported network
printer within an office space. These
developments make it much harder
to control printer usage and who has
access to specific devices unless the
correct security features are in place.
These enterprise class multifunction
printers are not only an important
addition to OKI’s product portfolio,
they will also significantly strengthen
its managed document services
offering. OKI works with its wide
network of managed services partners
to deploy strategies that help
customers take control over the costs
of document output and management,
without sacrificing quality.
At a basic level, these services help
organisations gain a transparent view
of their print landscape and review
their existing practices. It’s surprising
that even those businesses that are in
other ways meticulous about cutting
costs and minimising their carbon
footprint often don’t have a clear view
of their current print environment,
energy usage or spend.
When the organisation is aware
of what they are printing, as well as
how and why, they can consider
automated document
management workflows to
ensure that their files are
stored exactly where they are
supposed to be to ensure fast
and easy access. A holistic,
customised approach to
document workflow can add
to cost-savings and make
further efficiency gains.
Different organisations
have diverse priorities. Some
will focus on productivity
and efficiency gains while others will
look to identify and control print
usage or look for an environmentally-
friendly solution with low running
and maintenance costs. In each case
OKI’s highly flexible MC700 range can
be tailored to meet these differing
Print security has become even more important
with the increase in remote working supported
by wireless and follow-me printing...
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