Print.IT Reseller - issue 98

PrintIT Reseller: How are you adapting your offering to ensure MPS supports customers’ overall digitisation strategies and mitigate the risk of losing out to IT service providers? 01732 759725 42 VOX POP continued... Quocirca’s Managed Print Services Market Landscape Report 2022, reveals that customer spend on managed print services continues to increase but, while 72 per cent of businesses say they continue to rely on print, its importance is declining as digitisation programmes accelerate. The research revealed that customer loyalty in the sector is not strong – almost one quarter of the organisations surveyed have definite plans to change vendor at the end of the existing contract, with a further 36 per cent considering a change The evolution of MPS Mark Ash, CRO, Konica Minolta: “Our managed print business remains a core offering for us and one that we intend to grow substantially, global supply chain permitting! “We have known for some time that print does not operate in a vacuum and needs to be part of the connected workspace. Konica Minolta has been a successful IT service provider in the UK and globally for many years, however historically this business was primarily run alongside the print business. In recent years, MPS within Konica Minolta has been integrated within our DX-DW strategy and indeed both our large enterprise, public sector and SMB clients are increasingly asking us to support them with full hosted on-premise or cloud offerings that extend beyond the provision of print-related services. “Whilst these offerings are modular, they offer overlap, hence why many clients prefer to have a single point of contact to out task their managed print, managed content and infrastructure management workstreams to, or alternatively they can utilise our outsourced BPS teams to provide virtual team members to manage this in totality. We also work with partners to enable them to provide services to their clients and are heavily investing in this area to further simply and refine this value proposition.” Rod Tonna-Barthet, CEO, Kyocera Document Solutions: “As reported by Quocirca, over a third of organisations still rely on print so this practice isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. With competition fiercer than ever before, it’s important we continue to evolve and ensure we are providing the best service and products to our customers at all times. With this in mind, Kyocera is focusing on the following areas to deliver the best value to our customers. “Collaboration is king – managed print services are in demand, but so is the need to provide a full managed service to complement MPS. This is what we offer at Kyocera, so we’re aiming to collaborate with as many other MPS specialists as possible to ensure customers have access to a broad spectrum of services that deliver additional value to customers. Many believe it’s a ‘diversify-or-die’ situation, but I prefer to call it a ‘collaborate-andchange’ opportunity. “Communication is key – we know there are customers that are already thinking about changing vendor, as backed up by the report. Therefore, it is important to start conversing with customers now so you can understand their challenges and adapt your offering to suit. “It’s vital to keep customers feeling wanted at all times, not just when a contract needs to be renewed. Learning important lessons from these conversations and increasing your Mark Ash We have known for some time that print does not operate in a vacuum and needs to be part of the connected workspace