Print.IT Reseller - issue 92

01732 759725 38 +44 (0)1427 700 702 The Largest Remanufacturer In The UK A Fully Compliant Service For Your WEEE Waste ECS: A Simple, Unique Solution That Makes Sense for UK Customers throughout the entire ECS product range, confirmed by their ISO 9001 certification and the ETIRA sticker that can be found on all of their products, which confirms that they’ve passed through a complete remanufacturing process which meets various requirements. Made in the UK, for You There’s never been a better time to switch over to remanufactured products, particularly ones that are produced and sold in the UK. Every business in the UK is currently experiencing rising costs in one way or another. While ECS’s remanufactured products are made to match their OEM counterparts in terms of quality, performance, reliability and consistency, the same can’t be said for the price – which typically sits at around 1/3rd of the price. It’s also important to note that stock from overseas is also very scarce, especially from OEM manufacturers. Not only this, but lead times are unpredictable and shipping/freight is becoming more expensive on a daily basis. The UK remanufacturer and winner of Print IT Reseller ’s EOS Manufacturer of the year provide UK next day delivery and direct to client delivery, while holding stock on all major product lines, making their solution the perfect immediate and long-term solution for you. Effective Consumable Solutions – An Overview Operating out of a small countryside village in Nottinghamshire, Effective Consumable Solutions have a wealth of experience in the industry which has been gained over decades, however, do not be fooled by the quiet, remote location from which they operate. ECS, led by Directors Chris Fink and Felicity Rabbitte are the UK’s largest remanufacturer of toner cartridges and preferred provider for all distributors, remanufacturers and office equipment suppliers throughout the world. A Solution Tailored For You ECS offer an unrivalled solution for their Partners, citing quality, performance, reliability and consistency as key reasons for the high demand of their toners. Among these key qualities of the products themselves, ECS’s Director Chris Fink also added “Breadth of product offering and overall unmatched quality” as additional reasons for why their solution is so successful in the UK. Breadth of product offering – The remanufacturer offers the largest range of toner cartridges in the UK, including OEM, remanufactured and compatible stock across all major manufacturer brands and models. Ensuring a complete range of products, as well as consistent access to stock is one of the major benefits of ECS’s solution, as the company holds stock on all major product lines with both the capability and capacity to remanufacture thousands of cartridges on a daily basis. Quality – ECS’s remanufacturing department implement the most modern remanufacturing techniques alongside stringent quality control and testing stations that have been approved by a Technical Director to ensure that each product complies with industry benchmarks (ETIRA) as well as environmental legislation including REACH, COSHH and RoHS. Quality, performance and reliability can be seen ECS’s Director Chris Fink (Middle) collects EOS Manufacturer of the Year Award alongside Tom Allen (Left) and category sponsor Kevin McNally (Right) of Asolvi BUSINESS BRIEFING