Print.IT Reseller - issue 79

01732 759725 18 WORKPLACE Michael Field, Managing Director at Workflo Solutions, picks the tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without I couldn’t do my job without... 2 My Family I couldn’t face the daily stresses, the highs and the lows, of managing the business, without the support of my family and the calm of home life. I say calm, but with two girls aged 12 and eight, calm isn’t always the word I’d use. The belief they have in me, and all at Workflo (and they know each and every staff member), bolsters the belief I have in each decision I make to drive our business forward. 3 Technology and remote tools Having strategically spread our wings geographically to cover areas stretching from Aberdeen to Greater Manchester, I find myself working from locations across the UK on a weekly basis (albeit it COVID has thrown up some challenges). Days past would have seen me weighed down with paperwork, with a phone glued to my ear; technology now allows for paper light travel, and the privacy of communicating with my colleagues across platforms such as TEAMS. Cloud technology allows for quick, secure, and effortless sharing of information, and ultimately more efficient travel time. 4 Keeping fit Whether it be running, or resistance training in the personal fitness gym I own with a friend; the mental and physical challenges of breaking through barriers and achieving mind over matter leaves no head space for anything other than the here and now. As a business principal, the role can be all consuming, whilst many ideas come out with the 9-5 of office hours, it’s great to have this “me” time. 5 The personalities within the business, my fantastic team What better way to end than by commenting on, and thanking, those who make Workflo the business that it is. Without whom, the growth and success we’ve seen in abundance in recent years, would not be possible. Office life is fun, enjoyable, never a chore, and from the minute I walk in, to the minute I leave, filled with a sense of purpose, and a determination to repay their hard work by matching their never faltering drive to provide a client service, second to none. 1 A desire to continually improve I’ve never been one to sit still and remain within my comfort zone. I wake up each morning with the same ambition and desire to improve as I did the day before. I think it’s infectious, whether I get it from my team, or they get it from me, our goal every day is to become better than we were yesterday. Michael Field Microsoft TEAMS