Print.IT Reseller - issue 75

BUSINESS BRIEFING 01732 759725 30 ECS – The extensive British solution for remanufacturing and recycling The Circular British Solution ECS the Greener Side is the company’s award winning recycling scheme dedicated to improving the UK industry’s green credentials by providing an unrivalled service which companies can not only trust, but one which makes a visible difference by providing a fully comprehensive legal solution to help you and your customers safely remove their Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). ECS is adamant that despite the UK’s current situation, recycling should not be overlooked. The Greener Side’s Director of Recycling, Adrian Lovatt said “The impacts of Coronavirus can be seen across every industry in the UK, but this isn’t a reason for our countries recycling efforts to be neglected. It remains an incredibly important sector for our country and also for businesses who have a legal and moral obligation to correctly recycle their WEEE waste.” Only 15% of cartridges manufactured in the UK are actually recycled, enabling them to be reused and remanufactured. The remaining 85% are dealt with in other, less sustainable ways which causes damaging and irreversible effects on the environment. This includes cartridges being sent to landfills, being exported, or incinerated, all of which drive the UK towards a linear economy where resources aren’t reused and are wasted, increasing the demand for even more raw materials and scarce resources, something which The Greener Side are trying to prevent. The Greener Side’s solution actively works to promote a circular economy within the UK while providing their partners with full compliance while preventing waste from entering any waste stream which will contribute negatively towards the environment. Join The Greener Side today at Effective Consumable Solutions are at the forefront of the campaign to encourage our industry to invest into British remanufactured goods and services, and that includes their own award winning British solution. Supporting the British economy is vital during times of economic hardship in order for our country to prosper once again following the detrimental impacts of coronavirus. ECS offer two major award winning services which are produced and offered in the UK; The Complete British Solution The company’s main branch of operation produces remanufactured toner cartridges which are made right here in the UK using their own state- of-the-art filling machines combined with remanufacturing techniques that have been developed over decades. This includes OEM alternative remanufactured and compatible toner cartridges for photocopiers, printers and multifunction printers of all manufacturer brands and models. As a British remanufacturer ECS ensures that their partners receive nothing but the highest quality from each and every one of their UK remanufacturerd toners, which offer the same results, performance, reliability, quality and yield as the OEM cartridge due to the company’s decades of experience within the remanufacturing industry. All products pass through stringent quality control measures which comply with mandatory environmental legislation and minimum quality standards including ISO 9001 certification. All of this combined ensures that ECS’s partners receive a product that reaches and exceeds the expected demands of a British remanufactured product. Become an ECS Partner today at +44 (0)1427 337 351 AND used by the most successful dealerships in the UK Quality Performance Reliability Known throughout the industry for: The Largest British Remanufacturer In Europe Toner Cartridges Chips Waste Toner Bottles Fuser Units Drum Units Developers PPE BECOME AN ECS PARNER FOR UK REMANUFACTURED PRODUCTS