Print.IT Reseller - issue 75

PRINTITRESELLER.UK 25 continued... SaaS-based sending solutions Pitney Bowes’ SendPro+ and SendPro C next-generation sending technologies are available to businesses in the UK, for the first time. SendPro+, an all-in-one shipping and mailing solution, makes it easy for businesses to choose the best value sending option for each letter or parcel with Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide. For businesses focusing purely on mail, SendPro C provides a streamlined way to process mail accurately and efficiently. Compact, connected and easy to set up, the technologies work just as effectively from the remote office as from the traditional workplace. Each device has a touchscreen, user- friendly Android interface and real-time tracking. SendPro+ leverages SaaS-based systems to generate real-time carrier information, tracking capabilities, alerts, reports and analytics. These provide clear visibility into every end-to-end journey for Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide tracked shipments, supported by SendPro. The technology has a digital scale to assign the correct parcel label or postage, and an integrated label printer which enables the printing of compliant shipping labels directly from the device. SendPro C streamlines and simplifies mail processing through its tablet display and shows support options such as notifications, diagnostics and support articles. For both technologies, automatic rate updates and a shared address book across available carriers save time and automate laborious manual processes. Standardised spending and usage reports give businesses visibility over costs and users also benefit from substantial Mailmark postage discounts. WHAT'S NEW Cloud cost optimisation solution ITRS Group claims that businesses can cut their cloud spend by 35% with its new Cloud Cost Optimisation (CCO) solution. Housed on ITRS’ Capacity Planner platform, the solution undertakes a thorough analysis of cloud usage to identify the size of the instance that should be running (right-sizing) and the best way to buy it or run it, including where it can be shut down altogether (right-buying). This process can be implemented at the point of migration as well as on an ongoing basis throughout the lifespan of a firm’s cloud estate. CCO’s predictive analytics capabilities also allow firms to model future scenarios on the cloud estate in order to anticipate and plan for potential capacity bottlenecks or resource constraints. Head of Product Management, Peter Duffy, said: “The cloud represents enormous potential for businesses to reduce IT spend and improve scalability and flexibility – but it has to be used correctly. Too many businesses are continuing to treat it as they would their on-premise IT. Our CCO solution enables businesses to understand their entire cloud estate on a granular level, helping them to identify key areas for improved efficiency and reduced spend. The transparent, data-backed way we present our recommendations for optimisation means businesses don’t have to take our word for it – they can see the calculations right there on the page.” Designed for multitasking Lenovo has introduced two LTE- supported, Windows 10 detachables for multitasking consumers. The premium Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i is the first Yoga PC with a detachable, backlit Bluetooth keyboard and adjustable kickstand for easier viewing and drawing with the Lenovo E-Color Pen. Featuring a 13-inch, crystal clear IPS 2K touchscreen display, the Yoga Duet 7i is compatible with Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) for an ultra-fast connection and available with optional LTE/4G coverage that allows users to stay connected almost anywhere. The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3i with digital pen, also has a detachable Bluetooth keyboard and folio kickstand – a first for an IdeaPad PC – with the option of 4G/LTE coverage. It also includes a range of smart features like the Alexa voice service, facial login via the infrared (IR) camera and presence-sensing that helps shield a screen from shoulder- surfing neighbours and automatically pauses video play when the viewer walks away. LogicMonitor enhances cloud-based platform LogicMonitor has launched version 2.0 of LM Exchange, its central repository for its growing collection of LogicModule technology integrations. LogicMonitor has over 2,000 pre-built core LogicModules that instantly integrate with the devices, technologies and services that enterprises rely on to keep their businesses running. LM Exchange houses all of these integrations, along with community-submitted LogicModules thoroughly vetted by LogicMonitor. “Enterprises need a cloud-based monitoring and intelligence platform that can seamlessly adapt and integrate with a broad range of technologies,” said Tej Redkar, Chief Product Officer at LogicMonitor. “The latest version of LM Exchange offers our customers an even better collaborative space from which they can access LogicMonitor’s integrations, source solutions to specific challenges, and share their own LogicModules.” Anti-bacterial coating BenQ’s RP series of interactive flat panel displays for education and corporate environments now feature an anti-bacterial, non-toxic, nano-ionic silver screen coating that kills bacteria on touch and is resilient to heavy use and cleaning. New models also feature built-in sensors that measure air quality in a room and signal when CO2 levels are too high; BenQ’s smart eye-care technology that protects against blue-light and flicker irritation; built-in EZWrite 5 collaboration software; and an NFC sensor in the front of each panel that allows users to gain access to any display within its network via an ID card or QR code, with users’ personal workspaces and display settings loading instantly (via the BenQ Account Management System). The new 4K models featuring Fine IR Touch for precise control are available in three sizes – 65in (RP6502), 75in (RP7502) and 86in (RP8602). Tej Redhar Pitney Bowes SendPro+/SendPro C