PrintIT Reseller - issue 65

01732 759725 18 WORKPLACE Simon Davey, CEO, DMC Canotec, picks the work tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without I couldn’t do my job without... 3 Dell Laptop I work across multiple offices so my laptop comes everywhere with me. As a business we typically buy Dell and the product has certainly never me let me down – it’s lightweight and bullet proof which is good enough for me. 4 Teams The Board and Senior Management Team, as well as many project groups, collaborate extensively and Teams is a fantastic tool as it allows us to share and work on documents simultaneously. My use of Teams has probably risen tenfold over the last six months and that can probably be said of most of the senior people in the business. 5 Dynamics CRM Microsoft pervades our business – we all actively use One Drive, Skype and Teams. We also deployed Dynamics CRM about two years ago which I use from my laptop and phone. Users find it intuitive and simple rather than a drag, and that’s important, because sales people generally don’t like admin. The dashboards are easy to create and give me the intelligence I need and as we have a great sales team I can usually move on to something else very quickly. A key project for us now is to integrate the few key systems that we have to ensure we have a seamless process from opportunity – install – invoice. 6 KPax This is an industry-specific tool we use to monitor the usage across our MFD fleet. Our clients print around 1.25 billion times a year, generating around £19 million of recurring revenue, so having good intelligence around this is critical to me. Each day I will use KPax to understand the volume of prints our clients produced a day earlier so I can predict with some degree of accuracy what our financial results will show. This same information is available to clients, which they find incredibly useful. 1 MFDs How could I not put this first! The multifunctional device remains a core part of the office set-up which is why the UK market alone is worth over £2 billion. Like most of our customers, I want the option to work online and on paper, so the office devices we have are here to stay. 2 iPhone XR How predictable I hear you say. However, it really is my gateway to information, whether it’s Twitter for quick blasts of news; LinkedIn to find out what my network is up to; or checking Teams (mentioned later) for progress on different work streams. I also spend a lot of time in the car (sadly), so, when I’m not speaking with my direct reports, I often listen to Podcasts ranging from Saastr, Masters of Scale, and the FT... all courtesy of my iPhone! Simon Davey