Print.IT Reseller - issue 54

Call our Fujitsu experts on 020 8296 7010 | follow us Scanning for opportunities Despite the talk over the past decade and more of paperless o ces, printed documents are still an integral part of today’s workplace. However, with the uptake of digitalisation, driven by the likes of GDPR and the need to secure data, employees demanding the right to work remotely and be mobile, and the need to boost productivity and cut costs, traditional paper- based processes are being put under pressure. As a result, more organisations than ever before are turning to the power of scanning and digital document management – creating loads of lucrative sales opportunities for resellers. There are several advantages to scanning documents and merging them with digitally born material, all of which can be used to open up a conversation around document scanners and the need for a dedicated scanning device. These include: • Saving money and productivity gains • Collaboration and easy organisation • Smarter working and greener Boosting reseller business A wealth of enablement tools are available through the Fujitsu Imaging Channel Program which are designed to: • Realise the full potential of the imaging and digitisation market • Sharpen your competitive edge • Open new doors, close more deals and drive margins • Connect with Fujitsu’s imaging partner eco-system By joining the Imaging Channel Program, resellers will gain the insight, expertise and access to resources needed to embrace today’s new market dynamics and capitalise on the resulting business opportunities. Webinars, ability to co-brand, product toolkits, product selection con gurators and even automatic social media content is available. Training modules on their ranges and positioning, informative & helpful webinars, partner conferences and knowledge share events further add to the appeal. Scanning and document capture is an ideal product extension for resellers given the continuing digitalisation of workplaces and ongoing compliance concerns. Bene t from Fujitsu Imaging Rewards A points-based bene ts scheme giving resellers the ability to turn sales & commitment into rewards that you really want. Resellers can sign up to Imaging Rewards for free by completing the simple registration form at *Reward point value is subject to change without prior notification. Bonus Points valid for July / August 2018 only. Terms & conditions apply. Fujitsu in the Public Sector & GDPR brochure Check out our Fujitsu scanner brochure, read online, download a PDF or request a copy today. Just visit Northamber delivers Fujitsu for all organisations Northamber — Biggest Fujitsu scanner distributor in the UK Rewards available include : 4x SP-1425 = 6,600 points REWARD: Toolstop Cabin-approved Size Luggage 7x -7030 = 11,300 points REWARD: Flymo 2-in-1 grass trimmer & lawn edger 7x -7140 = 13,500 points REWARD: High Ropes Course 5x -7160 = 13,800 REWARD: Big-jig My First bike