PrintIT Reseller issue 118

PRINTITRESELLER.UK 49 Revolutionising Remanufacturing and Spectacular Team-Members Effective Consumable Solutions the copier industry that truly competes with OEM products. ECS’s Operations Director, Adam Lighton, added “With a team consisting of highly skilled professionals who excel in a multitude of areas, including material science, engineering, cartridge technology and quality control, their diverse expertise has allowed us to refine and optimise our remanufacturing processes, develop advanced techniques and continuously push the envelope of innovation in toner cartridge remanufacturing.” It goes without saying that the impact of ECS’s R&D department doesn’t stop there, either. Over a million individual cartridges, components and parts undergo rigorous testing and quality control assurance processes to ensure that their partner’s expectations are consistently met, applying intricate analytical techniques with the use of the most advanced testing methodologies to ensure that their promises are delivered upon, always. Lighton added “Combined with our own in-depth quality control testing procedures and externally verified benchmark data, we’re able to reliably analyse each and every product for key test indicators and machine environment settings which cover vital areas including product performance, print job criteria and configuration.” Donna Reid is shaping the future of ECS, and in doing so, setting a precedent for all women in the industry Having started her role with ECS in October 2022 as UK Sales Manager, Donna has reached incredible heights, providing excellent strategic vision, dedication and leadership, all of which have been instrumental to ECS’s continued success. The Print IT EOS Manufacturer of the Year are delighted to announce that Donnas monumental impact on the company’s services and solutions offering has resulted in her recent well-deserved promotion to Director of Sales. ECS Director Chris Fink added “Donna’s rise to the top has been nothing short of a success story. Driving sales success, ensuring top-notch customer service and satisfaction, as well as mentoring her fellow colleagues are just a few examples of the vast number of key areas where Donna has had a considerable impact in her short time at ECS. We’re confident that Donna will continue to transcend expectations and lead our sales team to even greater heights than she already has.” Revolutionising remanufacturing through research and development ECS take enormous pride in their Research & Development Department, who play a crucial role in ensuring that the companies’ key offering of quality, performance and reliability is present throughout their entire range of award winning remanufactured cartridges, consumables and components. With over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, ECS’s R&D team are crucial to their continued success, cementing their presence as a worldwide market leader in the remanufacturing field. By leveraging their vast experience and utilising the most modern remanufacturing techniques, alongside the company’s continued investment into infrastructure and equipment, ECS are able to provide unrivalled remanufactured products to BUSINESS BRIEFING ADVERTORIAL ECS spoke to us this month regarding their high-flying saleswoman Donna Reid and her latest promotion, as well their cutting-edge, in-house Research and Development Department +44 (0)1427 337 346 Remanufactured Toners For Those Who Demand Quality, Performance and Reliability Reliability A Fully Compliant Service For Your WEEE Waste