PrintIT Reseller issue 118

BULLETIN 01732 759725 4 Where do you take yours? We’re all about championing print at PrintIT Reseller, and over the past few months, we’ve loved finding out where our magazine travels with YOU. Earlier this month, the team were at the Home Grown Club in Mayfair, filming the next series of Director’s Cuts videos. We’re delighted that so many of our readers are taking on the challenge and sending us pix of them reading PrintIT Reseller in unusual settings. Keep them coming!! Please send your pix to me at [email protected] David Hamblen, Sales Director UK&I at Altkin checked out our top tips to write a winning entry article relating to the PrintIT Awards. While waiting for us to perfect the lighting and conduct the final sound checks, Philippe du Fou, EMEA Sales Director at Intermedia Cloud Communications spent a few minutes getting up to date with the latest industry developments. As the UK partner for Circular Planet, naturally, sustainability champion James O’Connor, Director at WBM, was interested to read the latest Vox Pop which focused on the need to step up climate action. After spending time sharing info about ECS’s Greener Side recycling service, Managing Director Chris Fink and Associate Director Lauren Rabbitte, took time out to catch up on the latest news. While her colleague Robbie Trower was in front of the camera, Carla Barker, Marketing Manager at Kodak Alaris relaxed reading the latest issue, which coincidentally included a one-to-one industry insight article with Robbie. Our expert cameraman Tom Daly from Deansgate Media found a few minutes in between sessions to check out the latest news.