Print.IT Reseller - issue 110

01732 759725 42 VOX POP Almost three quarters of print channel companies surveyed by Quocirca for its Channel Sustainability Study 2023, reported that they have some form of company sustainability strategy in place, with more than half stating that the dominant driver for channel sustainability initiatives is to meet customer expectations Meeting customers’ green aspirations Mark Goulding, Managed Print Director, Urban Network: We work closely with clients to understand their specific sustainability goals and expectations, not just to replace them on a like-forlike basis. We work with vendors with innovative products who are determined to make their products more sustainable. Liz Budd, Head of Marketing, First Copy Corporation Ltd: At First Copy, we’re embarking on a new carbon audit this year to push forward our sustainability strategy. We’ve been making changes for several years. A couple of the more recent changes include our car fleet going electric three years ago and starting a tree planting partnership with Ecologi 18 months ago. We are bringing everything together and using new tools to monitor our progress and set goals for the future. Our vision is to ‘lead the way in green print and technology and guide and inspire others to do the same’. It makes sense that we should push forward our own strategy in order to support our customers with theirs; we don’t want to be a reseller that says ‘MPS is good for the planet’ and leave it there – we want to implement change. Andy Ratcliffe, Managing Director, Key Digital: We are continually planning and making improvements to our business on every front, actioning them as soon as possible. This kaizen approach keeps us at the forefront of the industry and allows us to deliver the best possible service to our customers. Buyer-vendor relationships are not as precious as they once were, delivery of the service as expected is paramount. We operate as a lean business that generates little waste in order to be as efficient as possible, the benefit touchpoints are endless. Mark Bailey, Managing Director, EBM: Taking sustainability seriously has been a core ethos at EBM since 2011. Now 13 years later we have seen this approach grow and adapt massively in the wider market which is great to see. Our customer-focused approach has developed our sustainability strategy since inception. Initially this was ensuring EBM was taking responsibility for its own environmental impact, for example becoming carbon neutral. Providing peace of mind with our customers that doing business with EBM doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. Secondly, we took that one step further delivering carbon neutral printing via our Green Print Programme to our customers. As a growing business, in 2023, we are going to continue with our pledges of carbon neutrality and are focusing on offsetting even more print usage than ever! David Smith, Marketing Director, Xeretec: Some time ago we recognised that customer management teams are looking for real quantifiable returns for their investments in IT. Sustainability is one of our five core IT lifecycle management customer ‘outcomes’ PrintIT Reseller: How have you developed your business’ sustainability strategy in 2023 in order to meet customers’ expectations? We work with vendors with innovative products who are determined to make their products more sustainable Mark Goulding