Print.IT Reseller - issue 108

01732 759725 42 VOX POP continued... n Data analytics and business intelligence: Finally, you will always want to be able to gain valuable insights from data analysis to drive informed decision-making, identify trends, and optimise operations. Richard Stewart, Workspace Portfolio Marketing Manager, Canon: Digital tools are now an essential part of running a business, allowing technology to be accessed from any location and helping workforces to collaborate effectively whether they are in the office, at home or another location. Yet, our research has found that a disparity exists between businesses’ digitisation aspiration and the everyday experience of employees. While over two-thirds (68 per cent) of IT decisionmakers believe that the company they work for is largely digital, 41 per cent of workers are still reporting issues with accessing documents. It seems that there is a clear disconnect between how far businesses think they have come in terms of digitisation, and how it is working in practice. In order to overcome this, businesses should consider prioritising solutions which are able to bridge the gap between digital and physical workflows – helping to create a seamless user experience for employees, regardless of where they are working. Combining print and information management delivers a technology ecosystem to support a digital transformation journey. Cloud-based technology plays a crucial role in this, offering businesses flexibility and scalability, combined with increased security and reduced costs. Cloudenabled digital workflow solutions will allow users to print from anywhere, while also ensuring information is tracked and stored securely. Once a business has built its cloud offering, it is important for it to invest in staff training – thereby ensuring its employees can confidently navigate their digital infrastructure and meet their customers’ current and future needs. Graham Foxwell, Product Marketing Lead, Kyocera Document Solutions UK: Moving software and services into the cloud is one of the top investment priorities in the coming year, enabling businesses to be more agile in the provision of their services. One of the most desired but challenging areas, has been the provision of cloud-based print and scan technology, along with secure access to documents and content to a more and more distributed workforce. Cloud-based printing along with secure content/document management is essential for companies that wish to move to a more agile way of working. Andy Ratcliffe, Managing Director, Key Digital: Security remains a key driver for the C-suite when considering moving to or changing to digital technologies. This is especially important with workplaces opening up to hot-desking and remote working. Organisations need to ensure that data can be accessible to all working styles while ensuring worldclass data security at the same time. The growing role of mobile smart devices to perform business functions is driving the need for back office automation. Unionised technologies that perform the legwork in the background requiring simple inputs from forms, digital documents or scanned hardcopies are very popular with our clients. Similarly, the decline in longterm physical document storage is also presenting opportunities. OCR, standardised documents and forms automatically pushing data into ECMs, accounting systems and other digital platforms creates harmony between digital systems and workers access to information. Nigel Eaton, General Manager, MyQ UK, Ireland & Nordic Region: The pandemic showed us the key technologies and the direction we needed to take. Anything that was designed to be used only in the office became useless once it was impossible to get into the office. Many companies were subsequently saved by the online world, which accelerated the transition of on-premise services to the cloud. In the printing industry, it no longer mattered who was printing or scanning how much, but whether they could work or not. And it was during this period that MyQ launched a brand new cloud-based product – Digital Workplace Assistant, to make it easier for businesses and individuals to work and transition from the traditional workplace to a more modern, efficient and secure version of it. And to address the new megatrends of resilience and mobility. Greig Millar, Chief Revenue Officer, Brother UK: Kofax’s ControlSuite and Printix, which we provide through our solutions, are great examples. By automatically converting scanned pages into text, they provide the opportunity for users to create and edit PDFs online, which is far more efficient than overwriting and re-scanning physical documents. This type of change can sometimes create small sticking points for businesses, particularly when it comes to integrating tech. But new hardware is bringing enhanced compatibility. Our ADS4 desktop document scanners, for example, are fully compatible with Kofax’s software, which means firms can hit the ground running in digitising their documents with scanners that are speedy and produce clear copies. Pairing the right hardware with the right software is fertile ground for resellers looking to better support their customers. Unionised technologies that perform the legwork in the background requiring simple inputs from forms, digital documents or scanned hardcopies are very popular with our clients Simon Hill Graham Foxwell Andy Ratcliffe Richard Stewart