Managed.IT - issue 65

30 01732 759725 COMPUTERS New ASUS Ruggedised Laptops for K-12 Education at BETT 2024 of learning. The ASUS BR1204 series, designed for the K-12 education segment, features ruggedised construction for enhanced durability, making it an ideal choice for active young learners. Key aspects include a fingerprintresistant finish, easy rubber grip, reinforced internal components and a spill-resistant keyboard, ensuring the laptops withstand daily classroom use. This model is crafted to minimise learning disruptions, adapt to various environments and is easy to handle, making it a reliable educational tool. Seamless hybrid learning In an era where educational needs are as diverse as the students themselves, ASUS responds with an expanded BR series — including the all-new BR1204, a new 12-inch model alongside the existing 11- and 14-inch laptops. This growth in the BR series exemplifies the ASUS dedication to providing tailored educational solutions, offering a range of display sizes to meet varying preferences and requirements. Complementing the Windowsbased BR series, the ASUS Chromebook CR and CZ series present versatile options, catering to different learning and teaching methodologies. These Chromebooks, available in both 11inch (CR1104, CZ1104) and 12-inch (CR1204, CZ1204) displays, provide an alternative operating system choice, broadening the scope of educational tools available. This diversity in hardware and software ensures that ASUS devices align with the varied instructional strategies found in modern classrooms. Equipped with up to 10 hours of battery life, Chromebook CR and CZ support extended learning sessions without the need for constant recharging. The inclusion of world-facing cameras and comprehensive connectivity options, like WiFi 6E and 4G LTE, empowers students and teachers to engage in education from anywhere. The versatile hinge design, enabling a range of uses from note-taking to collaborative projects, further enhances the adaptability of these laptops. With the introduction of new sizes and the Chromebook CR and CZ series, ASUS reinforces its commitment to facilitating flexible, engaging and innovative learning experiences in any environment. Efficient maintenance The ASUS commitment to efficient and practical educational technology is exemplified in their easy-to-service design for the BR, CR, and CZ series. This design streamlines maintenance and enhances device longevity, crucial in educational environments. Key features include a modular design that simplifies repairs, expandable dual storage to hold more digital resources and uniform captive screws to prevent loss. ASUS Control Center and Image Maker tools further support IT efficiency, enabling rapid deployment and remote management. These laptops offer significant benefits: easier maintenance, reducing downtime and the need for specialized services; scalability, ensuring the laptops grow with the user’s needs; and efficient IT management, saving valuable time and resources. This approach reflects the ingenuity of ASUS engineers to providing durable, long-lasting and easy-to-manage educational technology, ensuring a constant and uninterrupted learning experience for students and educators alike. Availability ASUS BR is available now from ASUS eShop in the UK, CR and CZ series will be available from June in the UK. ASUS launched their latest BR1204, CR, and CZ series laptops at Bett UK 2024, marking the third consecutive year of ASUS Education launches at the Bett Show and demonstrating its dedication to educational technology innovation The flagship BR1204 is engineered to withstand the daily challenges of classroom activity, meeting the highest standards of durability. Accompanying the BR series are the CR and CZ Chromebook series (CR1204, CR1104, CZ1204, CZ1104), which bring unparalleled versatility and mobility to hybrid-learning environments. Together, these series champion the ASUS commitment to reliability, user-centric design and safety, both online and offline — with easy-to-service designs that ensure IT administrators can maintain devices with minimal effort, enhancing the efficiency of education technology. With the comprehensive ASUS lineup for education, both teachers and students are equipped to excel in the digital age. Ruggedised durability for education At ASUS, we understand that the classroom is a dynamic, challenging environment. That’s why we’ve reinforced our BR1204, CR, and CZ series with MILSTD-810H-certified ruggedness, prepared for every educational setting. The durable design, featuring a spill-resistant keyboard and, for selected models, the added resilience of Corning® Gorilla® Glass* — resulting in laptops that are built to last. The BR and CR series flip versions, with their robust yet elegant glass displays, withstand not just scratches and impacts but also the curiosity and creativity of every young mind. This represents the ASUS commitment to unparalleled toughness for the relentless pace Classroom challenge *Product availability varies by model and region.